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Girls only! The 3rd PUBG GIRLS BATTLE on 17 February

Girls only! The 3rd PUBG GIRLS BATTLE on 17 February

DMM GAMES announced the guests and details of participating application for the 3rd PUBG GIRLS BATTLE, the girls only PUBG online contest.

The 2nd PUBG GIRLS BATTLE was carried out using DUO mode. The 3rd PUBG GIRLS BATTLE would be SOLO FPP match only. The winners of the events can promote themselves on DMM PUBG official channel and SNS.


DMM GAMES PressRelease@PRtimes

・Guest player:青木 志貴(@eerieXeery
・Guest player:石田 晴香(@can2525can
・Guest player:辻 美優(@elfinTsujiMiyuu
・Guest player:鈴木 咲(@suzukisakiika
・Guest player:水沢 柚乃(@mizuyuno_
・Guest player:はつめ(@hatsumememe


For the details, please refer to offical site.

▼Offical site(Japanese)

The divisions of general entry players determine by lucky draw.

Entry qualifications

・Female over 18
・Having a DMM.com account
・Submit a photo to post on websites of the events
・Living in Japan
・Communication level of Japanese
・Having streaming experience before the contest, able to submit the recording as evidence
・Able to live stream on the day of the competition
・Able to use official discord server for communication
※The entry preriod is over.

Free entrance for PUBG GIRLS BATTLE!

The 3rd PUBG GIRLS BATTLE is admission free.To join the event, you need to submit personal information to https://pubg.dmm.com/inquiry/login login in the period of 25 January to 11 February.

Entry qualifications: over 18
Venue: TFT Hall 500
3 Chome-4 Ariake, Kōtō-ku, Tōkyō-to 135-0063

Latest information

Official site:http://www.dmm.com/lp/game/pubg/index007.html/

13006Girls only! The 3rd PUBG GIRLS BATTLE on 17 February
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