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【Not released yet】 Infiltrate the "Pokémon Unite" media experience meeting! I tried using the new Pokémon Miu, Dodorio, and Strike/Hassam!


Pokémon UNITE, a team strategy battle game co-developed by Pokémon Inc. and TiMi Studios, the game development arm of Tencent Games.
The Nintendo Switch version of the game will celebrate its first anniversary in July 2022, and the game has been enjoying great success with various in-game events.
With its simple yet profound game system and the familiarity of Pokémon, the game has earned a reputation for being the driving force behind the popularization of the MOBA game genre, which is still unfamiliar in Japan.
Funglr Games was invited to a media event to experience the new elements of "Pokémon Unite," so we went to Pokémon Inc. in Roppongi!

Pokemon Co.

Pokémon designed by Daniel Arsham
funglr Games

Here we are! Pokemon Co.
If you're a Pokémon fan, you've got to see this holy place at least once, and we've filmed some of it for you!

funglr Games

When I arrived at the 8th floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Pokemon greeted me right away!
If you look closely, you can see that these are the patterns you can select for your Pokémon shirt, which you can order by combining your favorite Pokémon patterns to create your own personalized item!

Pokémon Shirt, the second version of the Sinnoh Region adds 25 Pokémon!
Pokémon stuffed animals are bisected.
funglr Games

The outside of the conference room is also filled with Pokémon.
Not to mention stuffed animals, snowboards and ski boards!
Pikachu the Detective and Pikachu from " Pokemon Quest " are my personal favorites.

Buiz resting in the hallway
funglr Games

In the hallway leading to the conference room, Eevee, a.k.a. "Buiz," and its evolved form are resting in a well-mannered manner.
I prefer "Showers" (I'm waiting for its implementation!). (I'm waiting for its implementation!)

Don't let Gracia get the better of you!
funglr Games

A life-size NINFIA, which is a popular character and also participates in "Pokemon Unite," is being air-nudged.
Each of the meeting rooms in this zone is named after a buoy, and you can see Leafia and Gracia in the back of the room.

funglr Games

We found a vending machine with a large Pikachu!
We were told to "take it as a souvenir," so we took their word for it and popped it in!
There were also specially designed vending machines for " Yadon Paradise in Kagawa " and " Nassy Resort in Miyazaki.

Pokémon Unite" preview!

So, we're all excited about the Pokémon office, but what you want to know about is what's new, right?
Here you go!
First of all, let me introduce three new Pokémon that will be implemented in September 2022!

New Pokémon "Mew

miu (former Soviet Union intelligency agency)
funglr Games

Mew, the first generation Pokémon of the phantom generation, is joining the game!
Mew is said to have the genes of all Pokémon, and Pokémon Unite makes full use of its characteristics.

Switch between 3x3 moves during battle!

Three choices of moves
funglr Games

Mew can relearn three attack moves and three support moves during battle using a special system called "Reset Moves"!
In "Pokemon Unite," it is important to select two moves to learn from a 2x2 list to match the composition of your allies and enemies to gain an advantage in battle.
Normally, once a move is learned, it cannot be changed during a match, but Mew has a tremendous ability to relearn it at will.
Control the battlefield by using different moves depending on your allied Pokémon's growth status and the object situation!

Deed reset
funglr Games

The "Reset" feature becomes available at higher levels and has a unique wait time.
Since the waiting time of each move is not shared, you can use "Reset" after giving a blocking effect with Nami Nori, and then use "Electric Ball" to finish it off! This is a technical move.
It is so good that it could be made into a "Unite" move.

funglr Games

special characteristics
Synchronization Whenever Mew uses a move, he and his allies around him gain a short movement speed boost.
Move 1
Electric Ball Mew attacks by hurling a lump of electricity at the opponent. Deals additional damage and paralysis depending on the HP lost by the opponent.
Solar Beam Shoots a powerful beam of light, damaging opponents in a straight line
Naminori Rides on a wave and rushes forward, damaging opponents and pushing them away. While riding the wave, it gains a shield and becomes immune to interference for a certain amount of time
Move 2
Coaching Warps to a designated ally, granting a shield and increased attack speed. If the ally to whom the coaching is granted has not been the target of the coaching for some time, the waiting time is reset. When coaching is activated, the waiting time for attack moves is reduced.
Wall of Light Pushes out a wall of light to set up a wall that the opponent cannot pass through. When activated again, it will retrieve the Chamber of Light and follow Mew, reducing the power of attacks on Mew that penetrate the wall. Attack moves that pass through the Wall of Light have enhanced range and damage.
high speed movement Moves quickly in the specified direction and increases movement speed for a short period of time. Can be used up to 2 times in stock
Unite Moves
Mystique Mirage Deploys a field that follows Mew and puts him in a defensive state. Mew and allies within the field increase their movement speed and become invisible to opponents. When the field disappears, it damages opponents within its range.

New Pokémon "Dodrio

funglr Games

Dodrio, a Pokémon with three heads, is here!
Although it is a common Pokémon, its unique appearance and its ability to learn the special Tri-Attack attack have made it a popular Pokémon among a niche group of fans.

Moving quickly and reaching the goal little by little!

3 division goal
funglr Games

Dodrio has many special traits and moves that focus on its mobility.
It is possible to use the same tactics as you imagine, running around the field and participating in battles in various locations.
Also, the most unique feature of "Dodrio" is that he can score one-third of his points (or one-half of his points when he is a Dodo) into the goal!
As far as I played, it seemed that the amount of energy recovered at goal is also one-third, but it might be interesting to give him something to hold related to goal scoring.

funglr Games

special characteristics
Running away Movement speed increases when the opponent's Pokémon is nearby. When it moves, its Dash Gauge accumulates, and when it fills up, it enters the Dash state. When in Dash state, its movement speed increases and its normal attacks and moves are enhanced.
Move 1
Tri Attack The attacker attacks in a fan shape in the specified direction, dealing damage and one of the following at random: "burn," "paralysis," or "movement speed down. When in a dash state, it sends out bullets of three different colors in a random order, dealing damage and inflicting an abnormality based on the color of the bullet. The damage of the normal attack immediately after the dash is increased, and it has a recovery effect. The number of times it possesses this move is 2.
Drill Beak Deals damage multiple times in the direction Dodrio is facing. When in a dash state, it deals damage multiple times while pushing the opponent away.
Move 2
Speed Movement Disables any blocking effects and increases movement speed for a short period of time. Gains a certain amount of Dash Gauge at the time of activation.
Dive Throw Jumps forward, disabling action and inflicting damage. If it hits an opponent or a wall, it jumps again in the specified direction, dealing damage and slowing down the area around where it lands.
Unite Moves
Bird Rush Dashes at high speed to the specified position, negating any interference effects. It deals damage to opponents along the way, and then stalks them. After reaching the end point, it gains increased attack power and a shield for a short period of time, and can quickly enter the dash state.

New Pokémon "Strike/Hassam

funglr Games

This insect-type Pokémon became the talk of the town when "Massive Moon" was implemented in August 2022.
Strike/Hassam, one of the most popular Pokémon of all time, will be implemented!

The first Pokémon that can choose not to evolve!

Evolution by selecting a move
funglr Games

Strike/Hassam" can choose "Bullet Punch" or "Double Wing" at Level 5, but if "Bullet Punch" is selected, it evolves into Hassam, and if "Double Wing" is selected, it can fight as Strike. If you choose "Double Wing," you can fight as "Strike.
Strike" is a speedy fighter that can attack aggressively, while "Hassam" is a balanced fighter that excels in head-on fights.
If the enemy attackers are well-developed, "Strike" can be used to attack them, and "Hassam" can be used if the allied vanguard is small.
It would be a good idea to decide from the beginning which type you would like to evolve, and give them the right type of items and support medals!

funglr Games

special characteristics
Technician The next normal attack after using a move will be two attacks in a row.
Technique 1
Double Wing
Slashes the front in a crisscross pattern. If it hits the opponent, it regains strength and can be re-activated. When it is activated again, it dashes in the specified direction and deals more damage the less HP the opponent has.
Bullet Punch
After dashing a short distance, it attacks one surrounding opponent with a series of punches. If the opponent is hit, part of the waiting time is shortened. If the Bullet Punch is launched again within a certain period of time, the number of punches released at one time increases from 3 (initial) to 4 to 5 (maximum).
Move 2
Double Attack Jumps in the specified direction to inflict damage and a mark. If it hits the opponent, it jumps again in the specified direction. When it lands, the attack speed is increased and the next normal attack becomes an assault attack. When the marked opponent is KO'd, the wait time for all moves is eliminated.
Tsurugi no Mai Dashes a short distance and increases attack power for a certain period of time. If the attacker is able to make 8 attacks during the effect time, the next normal attack will be an attack that penetrates the opponent.
Unite Moves
Green Star Dive
The attacker charges at the target, causing a shadowy alter ego to appear around the target. The shadowed alter ego deals damage and marks the target it hits.
It can be re-activated for a short period of time and dashes in the specified direction while gathering shadowy alter egos. The shadow alter ego and strikes inflict damage on the hit opponent. When the marked opponent is KO'd, the waiting time for all moves is eliminated.
Red Star Dive
The attacker charges at the target, causing a shadowy alter ego to appear around the target while slowing it down. The opponent hit by the shadowy alter ego takes damage and is slowed down. It can be re-activated for a short period of time and dashes in the specified direction, inflicting damage. The dash can push away a hit opponent, and if it hits the shadowy alter ego, it will additionally disable the opponent.

Three innovative new Pokémon

Three new Pokémon

Three new Pokémon are scheduled for release in September 2022, the first anniversary of the smartphone version of "Pokémon Unite.
Each Pokémon has an innovative design that incorporates new concepts in the game system, such as the number of moves, switching, split goals, and evolution options.
Mew will be available on Friday, September 2, 2022, Doodleio on Thursday, September 15, 2022, and Strike/Hassam on Thursday, September 29, 2022!

New maps, new events, and much more!

Event schedule for the 1st anniversary period vol.3

In September 2022, the smartphone version of "Pokémon Unite" will celebrate its first anniversary!
The momentum of the ongoing 1st anniversary event will continue!

Mew's Stone Tablet Challenge

Mew's Stone Tablet Challenge

The "Mew Tablet Challenge" will be held from Friday, September 2, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. until Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 8:59 a.m.!
In this event, you can get a "Mew" Unite License by completing missions and collecting pieces of stone plates to get 6 stone plates.
During this event, "Mew " Unite licenses will not be available for purchase at the Unite Battle Office.
If you want to use "Mew" as soon as possible, there is no need to save up your eos coins, so just wait for the mission to start!

In addition, you can use Gems to advance the event faster, and you will be able to purchase a Unite license for "Mew" at the Unite Battle Office using eos coins and Gems after the event ends at 9:00 a.m. on October 13, 2022.

Rush in! Trainer Battle

Intrusion! Trainer Battle

At the start of the Unite Battle, the strongest team of Dande, Shirona, Kolni, Kibana, and Blue will randomly intrude into the battle!
You will receive one free "Trainer Battle Challenge Ticket" per day that determines the number of Trainer Battles that will appear, and you can also purchase them with Eos Coins.
Trainer Battle Coins" can be exchanged for "Trainer's Costume (Dande)," which allows you to become Dande, and more!
"Rampage! Trainer Battle" will be held from Friday, September 9, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. until Friday, October 7, 2022 at 8:59 a.m.!

New map "Theia Aozora Ruins

Theia Aozora Ruins

Starting Friday, September 2, 2022, the stage for Ranked Matches and Standard Battles will be changed to "Theia Aozora Ruins" and "Remota Stadium" will be closed for a while.
Due to the changes in the terrain and wild Pokémon, the theories used in the past may no longer apply. The evaluation of Pokémon is also likely to change.

funglr Games

Resi-Elecchi will randomly appear on the upper route, and Resirock, Regiace, and Resistil will randomly appear on the lower route.
Each of the three Resirock, Regiace, and Resistil have different effects that can be gained when defeated, so the priority of action may change depending on the Pokémon that appears.

Resi-lock Increases the defense and special defense of all allied teams for a short while
Resi-Ice All allied team members' HP is slightly recovered for a short while.
Resist Still For a short time, the attack and special attack of all allied teams are increased.

With two minutes left in the battle, Recco Uza appears in the center of the map.
The team that defeats it gains a shield for a certain amount of time, and while the shield remains, the team's attack power and goal speed increase, and its goal cannot be interfered with.

Start "Pokemon Unite" now!

Special 1st anniversary gift continues to be offered!

The new "Pokémon Unite" event will begin on Friday, September 2, 2022.
New Pokémon and a new map will change the environment.
Everyone will start with zero knowledge, so if you have never played before, this is a great opportunity to start playing "Pokémon Unite"!
For the latest information, check out the official "Pokemon Unite" website and the official Twitter account (@poke_unite_jp )!


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The first world champion of "Pokémon Unite" will be the North American representative "BLVKHVND"! The next Pokémon WCS will be held in Yokohama!
The first world champion of "Pokémon Unite" will be the North American represent...

The first Pokémon UNITE world championship was held in the Pokémon Unite Division of the Pokémon World Championships 2022, from August 18 (Thursday) to August 2

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