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HAL Nagoya Holds Fortnite Tournament at Nagoya NTP Esports PLAZA Open Event! Nephrite also participated!

名古屋NTP Esports PLAZAオープンイベントでHAL名古屋がFortnite大会を開催!ネフライトさんも参戦!

HAL Nagoya, a technical college that trains specialists in various fields of the IT and digital content industry, participated in the grand opening event of the e-sports facility " NTP Esports PLAZA," which opened in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, on Saturday, September 24, 2022.
Representing Nagoya's gaming school, we held a Fortnite e-sports tournament!


New e-sports facility "NTP Esports PLAZA" opens in Nagoya!

NTP Esports PLAZA 1F
NTP Esports PLAZA 1F

NTP Esports PLAZA," an e-sports facility, held its grand opening on Saturday, September 24, 2022 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
It was created as an e-sports center where beginners can experience the fun of e-sports and the enjoyment of connecting with others, and veterans can work with the best machines and equipment.
The facility is equipped with a CLASS ROOM where instructors provide easy-to-understand instruction , aPLAY ROOM where players can concentrate on stress-free play on machines with the highest specifications , and a STUDIO with the best equipment for filming and recording.

HAL Nagoya Gaming Faculty participated in the grand opening event!

The grand opening event of NTP Esports PLAZA was attended by 200 students from the Game Department of HAL Nagoya, which trains students to become ready-to-work professionals in the fields of games, computer graphics, music, car design, and IT.
The event was held at Spiral Towers, the school's main building, with an online connection to "NTP Esports PLAZA".

Online participation due to a typhoon

The event was facilitated by e-sports caster Tonpiava (@tonpiava). (@tonpiava), an e-sports caster, and former professional e-sports player Nephrite (@Nephrite2) as guests, the tournament was a great success.

Lecture by Seiichiro Kakehi

Seiichiro Kakehi (@miximouse), Chairman of eSports Communications, Inc., gave a lecture on the prospects and initiatives for eSports with an eye toward the 2026 Asian Games.
It must have been a very meaningful time for HAL Nagoya Game Faculty students who are aiming for employment in the game industry.

HAL Nagoya Game Faculty

HAL Nagoya provides opportunities to learn at the forefront of digital entertainment through e-sports.
They will actively cooperate in organizing e-sports events, so keep an eye on their future activities.
HAL Nagoya is currently accepting applications for admission in April 2023.
Please check the official HAL Nagoya website for details regarding the open campus being held.


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32193名古屋NTP Esports PLAZAオープンイベントでHAL名古屋がFortnite大会を開催!ネフライトさんも参戦!
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