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Renaissance High School "Reinforcement QQ" won the "NASEF JAPAN MAJOR LoL 2022", a tournament to determine the strongest high school student team of spring! Win the right to challenge the professional gaming team "RascalJester"!

春の最強高校生チームを決める大会「NASEF JAPAN MAJOR LoL 2022」においてルネサンス高等学校「強化QQ」が優勝!

The North American eSports Federation Japan (NASEF Japan, Chairman: Akihiro Matsubara), an international organization that supports education and human resource development through the use of e-sports, will hold the 4th "NASEF JAPAN MAJOR", an e-sports tournament that combines "learning and competition". NASEF JAPAN MAJOR ", the fourth e-sports tournament that combines "learning and competition".
The national final was held on Saturday, May 7, 2022.
As a result of the final, Renaissance High School "Reinforced QQ" won the championship!

NASEF JAPAN MAJOR LoL 2022" Final Report!

プロゲーミングチーム"RascalJester"PR TIMES

The winner of the final competition held on Saturday, May 7, 2022, out of a total of 333 contestants from 59 schools and 62 teams from all over the country, was Renaissance High School "Reinforced QQ The winning team was Renaissance High School!
The winning team, Renaissance High School "Reinforced QQ", will receive a prize of 25,000 Riot Points and will be recognized as the best high school team of the spring! The team won the right to challenge the pro-gaming team "RascalJester"! The winning team, "Reinforced QQ" from Renaissance High School, received a prize of 25,000 Riot Points.

Tournament Outline

プログラムスケジュールPR TIMES
Tournament Outline
Tournament Name NASEF JAPAN MAJOR League of Legends Tournament Spring 2022
(Abbreviated name: NASEF JAPAN MAJOR LoL 2022)
Game Title "League of Legends".
Platform. PC
Participation Target High school students
Purpose of the Tournament To serve as an entry point for providing educational value through e-sports, to promote the establishment of e-sports, and to provide learning experiences through games for the students participating in these activities.
Characteristics As a feature of the NASEF JAPAN MAJOR, which aims for "learning x competition" and "e-sports competition 2.0," the "Beyond the Game Program" will be offered to participating students as an educational program in addition to participation in the competitions.
In addition to skill development by professional gamers, the program also focuses on the mindset and spirit of team gaming.
Tournament Schedule Beyond the Game Program implementation period
March 22 (Tuesday) - April 15 (Friday), 2022
*Review lessons will be held approximately one month after the end of the competition.
Block Preliminary Rounds
Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24, 2022
National Finals
Saturday, May 7, 2022
Number of participating schools 59 schools, 62 teams, 333 participants
Prizes 1st place: 25,000 Riot Points in an exchange match against the professional team "Rascal Jester
2nd place: 15,000 Riot Points
3rd place: 10,000 Riot Points
1st to 3rd: Trophy, NASEF JAPAN novelty, ZONe QUICK BOOST 2 case
Performers Play-by-play: Mr. Jaeger
Commentary: Mr. Recruit
Guest: Mr. hachamecha from RascalJester
Finalists Renaissance High School "Reinforced QQ
Renaissance Osaka High School "Cheemu Arikya" (Renaissance Osaka High School)

Match details

NASEF JAPAN MAJOR League of Legends Tournament Spring 2022PR TIMES

The final will be a BO3 format, with the team winning the first two games out of three.
Renaissance High School "Reinforced QQ" and Renaissance Osaka High School "Cheem Alikyah" competed for the title of the strongest high school team in spring!
From the beginning, "Team Alikyah" aggressively attacked the "Reinforced QQ" team, but in the middle game, they were attacked by "Reinforced QQ", who took advantage of the abilities of each champion, and the tables were turned in a flash!
Reinforced QQ" took the first game!
In the second game, "Cheem Arri Kya" attacked aggressively from the beginning.
However, "Reinforced QQ", with a strong counter, destroyed the position and the game was over!
With a two-run lead, "Reinforced QQ" was crowned the best high school team of the spring out of 62 teams from 59 schools and a total of 333 players from all over the country!

Comments from the winning team members

Daisuke Gustavo: I am very happy to have won.
We have a lot of big high school competitions coming up, and we intend to win them all!
Kurasodabe: We were able to win thanks to the good work of everyone on the team, so next time I want to play with more of a presence.
I will use the knowledge I gained from this tournament in the next ones and win all of them.
Akshan master: This is my first win in a big tournament, so I am very happy!
I don't really feel like a winner yet, but I will use this experience to my advantage in the future.
SirayukiRinngo: At first I couldn't win in practice, but as we practiced as a team, I started to win.
kudsburo35: I am happy to have won this tournament. I will do my best to win the next tournament as well.


Beyond the Game Program Instructor Yuki Okada comment

Among the four teams that participated in the Beyond the Game Program, the Hokkaido and Tohoku block team "Memo" won third place. We are very pleased with the results of the teams that participated in this year's finals as well as those who took lessons in the preliminary rounds. The NASEF JAPAN MAJOR program, which integrates "education and competition," will be completed in mid-June with a review program to look back on the competition results and deepen learning. We will continue our efforts to make the next and subsequent programs even better.


The next convention will be held in the fall!

The next NASEF JAPAN MAJOR is scheduled to be held in the fall.
Please check the NASEF JAPAN official website and NASEF JAPAN official Twitter (@NASEF_Japan ) for more information.
The archive of the final competition will be available on the NASEF JAPAN Channel.


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