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"Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz" 8th Anniversary Live Broadcast Report!

「クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ」8周年記念生放送のレポートをお届け!

Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz" celebrated its 8th anniversary on Friday, March 5, 2021!
Here is a report on the "8th Anniversary Commemorative Live Broadcast" that was aired live from 20:00 on March 4, 2021 (Thursday), the day before the 8th anniversary, along with the contents of the announcement!


The live broadcast started with an opening movie full of memories!

In the opening, a special opening movie was shown looking back on the events held in the 8th year of "Black Wiz" with the voices of the characters who were active in the events.


The screen then switched to a drone viewpoint, and after flying around the "Black Wiz Room," the audience entered the studio.

Ms. Asai (top left), Ms. Hyakka (bottom left), Ms. Kanae Oki (top right), Ms. Ikari (bottom right)

The 8th anniversary live broadcast started with a greeting from the MC, Ms. Hyakka, Ms. Kanae Oki, who played the role of Yachiyo Kasuga, Mr. Ikari, the assistant project manager, and Mr. Asai, the cat ambassador.

Lots to celebrate! 8th Anniversary Campaign!

8th Anniversary Campaign

Ms. Asai introduced the exciting campaign that started on March 5, 2021 (Friday).

8th Anniversary Present Quest!

8th Anniversary Present Quest

A present quest named after the "8" in the 8th anniversary will be held!

8th Anniversary Present Spirit!

Hachinoji Infinitia, a hot Chinese spirit.

Hachinoji Infinitia ", a hot spirit that is ideal for raising the level of the spirit, will be given as a present!
Hachinoji Infinitia" is the perfect spirit for leveling up, with its eight-part abs and the characteristics " Experience Gain Increase IV & Gold Gain Increase IV " (4 and 4 for a total of 8 ).
In addition, the 7th anniversary spirit "Chitose," which has been a great help to players, will no longer be available as a management helper as of March 5, 2021 (Friday).

The level cap has been opened!

Open to a maximum level of 1300

The maximum level will be released to 1300!

Mission gacha with 10-rounds of the highest rarity [L] 1 piece confirmed!

8th Anniversary Campaign Mission Gacha

Following the 8th anniversary eve, a "refill" of the mission gacha will be added!
If you clear all of the missions, you will get a 10-round gacha with a guaranteed maximum rarity [L] spirit.

This year's gacha will be held again! Up to 888-round gacha!


Period: Monday, March 8, 16:00 - Tuesday, March 8, 2022, 15:59 (scheduled)

You can try a free 10-round gacha once a day ( for up to 10 days)!
If you get a "Win! You can try the free 10-round gacha once a day (for up to 10 days)!
And this year, the number of "Win! The number of "Win!" has been increased by one compared to last year, so the probability of winning has been increased!
During the live broadcast, Mr. Asai asked Mr. Ikari if he could give us a secret strategy for the lottery, but he replied, "There is no particular strategy. There is no strategy in particular, but it is a purely random lottery where 8 out of 10 tickets are "winners".
There is no particular strategy, but it is a "rigid lottery" where 8 out of 10 cards are winners.

Also, the "#Let's all draw up to 888 free gachas" campaign will run until March 17 (Wed.).

"#Get up to 888 free gachas with everyone" campaign

Period: Monday, March 8 to Wednesday, March 17, 15:59 (scheduled)

If the total number of tweets reaches the target of 9,625, everyone will receive a character gift plus one free gift.
Only tweets that include a screenshot of the "Max 888 Free Gacha" results or a video of the results and the designated hashtag "#Get up to 888 Free Gacha Rounds" will be counted as tweets.

A character gift of the highest rarity [L] spirit will be given away!

8th Anniversary Character Present

Period: Friday, March 5, 16:00 - Thursday, April 8, 15:59 (scheduled)

Choose 10 of your favorite [L] spirits, and one of them will be selected by drawing!
At the same time, a special crystal with a character present + 1 time will be sold. Please check it out as well.

The special 8th anniversary website is now open!

The Black Cat Wiz 8th Anniversary special site is now open to the public, coinciding with the end of the 8th Anniversary live broadcast.

Tweet your spirit love! Mine! Mine! Beloved Dream Party Campaign

On the 8th anniversary special site, the "Tweet your love for spirits! My! My! Beloved Dream Party Campaign" is being held on the special 8th anniversary website.


Period: March 4 (Thursday) to March 15 (Monday), 23:59

Let's crush the love of spirits! Mine! Mine! You can create a "Dream Party" by choosing a spirit that matches the theme on the " Beloved Dream Party Campaign" special page.
Also, by tweeting the image generated at that time with the specified hashtag, you can enter the campaign to win gorgeous prizes in a drawing.

In this corner, a sample framed poster featuring Oki's favorite spirit "Pegasus" was shown.
Also, the dream party that was proposed by the participants in advance was presented.

"Dream Party" for all performers.

The "Black Wiz Room" was opened to the public!

In this corner, the " Black Wiz Room " that was seen from the drone in the opening session was introduced again.
The "Black Wiz Room" is a room decorated with gifts given by players in the "Let's Celebrate the 8th Anniversary Together Campaign" held beforehand via Twitter.


More than 200 gifts for the 8th anniversary of "Black Wiz" were given by overseas fans.
The gifts included art made from toothpicks, stamps, and handmade "refill" costumes. There was also a mosaic artwork made from screenshots taken by players, and a special performance and commentary from Kenichi Shimura, the conductor of the "Wizard and Black Cat Wiz Live Concert".

mosaic art

The "Black Wiz Room" introduced this time can be viewed on the video distribution site " 360 Channel " from March 12, 2021 (Fri.) at 16:00. Please take a look at the "Black Wiz Room" in the 360° video.

Determine your mage skills in the "National Unified Mage Test"!

The "National Unified Mage Examination " will test your quiz skills, deck building skills, and knowledge of the other worlds, and certify you as a top-notch mage.

National Unified Mage Examination
In this in-game event,

players take three tests: a quiz test, a deck building test, and a different world knowledge test. The "Mage License" is issued according to the "Mage Deviation Value" calculated.
You can also get various rewards with the "Mage Exam Points" you receive by taking the exams, so be sure to give it a try.

8th Anniversary Update Information!

Information on the updates prepared for the 8th anniversary was announced.
This year's updates will be based on two main themes: " Major Quiz Improvements" and "More Comfortable Gameplay ".

For the "Quiz Partial Major Revamp," quiz tips and other information will be available to help you understand the questions and answers and increase your knowledge.
In addition, the answer skill can be activated even if the answer is not given within the time limit, and the "quiz stadium" has also been improved to make it easier to play.
For "more comfortable gameplay," you will be able to see the evolved spirits first, and welcome missions will be added for new players and those who have not played in a long time.

As a major feature, a "ceiling function" has been added to the gacha!

Gacha ceiling function

If no cards of rarity [SS] or [L] are ejected for three consecutive times in the same gacha, at least one card of rarity [SS] or [L] will be ejected in the next 10-round gacha. There will also be an icon to confirm if the gacha has a ceiling function, and you will be able to check the count.
During the live broadcast, the background behind the addition of this feature was also explained.

Online quiz competition to celebrate the 8th anniversary!

Many players participated in this quiz competition, which was announced in advance via the official Twitter, via ZOOM.
The competition got heated with the announcement that 8 crystals would be given away if the 3 players in the studio did not finish in the top 50.
The quizzes included a picture quiz, a quiz using video clips, and various other elaborate quizzes.

Online quiz competitions

8th Anniversary Event "SOUL BANKER Out Of Control" Announced!


The 8th anniversary event, " SOUL BANKER Out Of Control," which first appeared as a mini-event in October 2020, will now be held as an event to celebrate the 8th anniversary.
Set in the "Bank of Rocaparra," a bank where anything can be deposited, "Vires (CV: Yuichiro Umehara)," "Rashli (CV: Ruriko Aoki)," and other "bankers" (bankers) will be active in this event. bankers" (bankers) such as Yuichiro Umehara and Ruriko Aoki.
New characters were also shown, but more details will be announced at a later date. Let's look forward to it!

Commemorative goods and real event information!

In the next section, 8th anniversary goods and events were presented.

"8th Anniversary Original Soundtrack" to be released!

The total number of songs recorded on the CDs since the first Black Wiz soundtrack has exceeded "1000 songs" and the "8th Anniversary Original Soundtrack " will be released.


Pre-order period for "8th Anniversary Original Soundtrack
1st pre-order: March 5 (Fri.) 0:00 - March 15 (Mon.) 16:59
2nd pre-order: March 17 (Wed.) 15:00 - April 1 (Thu.) 16:59

This product contains more than 150 songs from the 8th year.
In addition, a "Premium Box " containing selected items such as flavored tea will also be available to enjoy the sounds of "Black Wiz" with all five senses.
For details, please check the Wizard and the Black Cat Wiz "8th Anniversary Original Soundtrack" special site. You can also listen to the tracks!

Goods Fair at the official COLOPLAR store!

To celebrate the 8th anniversary, a goods fair will be held at the official Coloplast store.

Eighth Anniversary Celebration Banquet - Kacho Fugetsu

Period: March 26 (Fri.) 18:00 - April 12 (Mon.) 18:00

Gorgeous goods using Japanese-style illustrations of six spirits specially drawn for the event, as well as event selection badges with beautiful card illustrations, will be available.
As a purchase bonus, an A5 size illustration card (total of 6 kinds) will be randomly given away for every 4,000 yen (including tax) spent on "8th Anniversary Celebration ~Kacho Fugetsu~" items at the official store of COLOPLAR during the period.
A sample of the cards was shown during the live broadcast. The tapestry was impressive and was so large that it almost hid the figure of Mr. Oki, who was holding it in his hand.
For more details, please check the Wizard and Black Cat Wiz "8th Anniversary Banquet - Kacho Fugetsu -" special site.

"Black Wiz Tight Station 2021" will be held!

Black Wiz Tight Station 2021" will be held at 14 TAITO affiliated stores in 13 areas nationwide.


Black Wiz Tight Station 2021" will be held from March 17 (Wed) to May 9 (Sun).

Each store will have a B1 size poster, and the poster designs for all stores were introduced during the live broadcast.
A real mystery-solving game kit "Otherworldly Train and Mystery Invitation " will also be on sale at the event. A teaser PV was shown during the live broadcast.
The kit will also be available online.
In addition, there will be other unique collaboration prizes and capsule toys, as well as "collaboration crepe & collaboration drink" with bonus coasters at some stores and "lie cat cookies" through mail order.
For more information on the collaboration, please check the "Black Wiz Tight Station 2021" special site.

Necklace -8th Anniversary-" is open for reservation now!

ネックレス-8th Anniversary-
Necklace-8th Anniversary

Necklace -8th Anniversary-" reservation period: March 4 (Thu) - March 25 (Thu)

Necklace-8th Anniversary -" will be released as a collaboration project with " U-TREASURE," a brand that handles authentic character jewelry and goods for adults.
The design on the front is based on the cards that appear in the game. The back of the necklace is decorated with an engraving of Wiz.
For details, please check the " Necklace-8th Anniversary" special site.

Black Wiz "8th Anniversary Framed Stamp Set" is now on sale at the post office's online store.

8th Anniversary Framed Stamp Set

Black Wiz original design " 8th Anniversary Frame Stamp Set " is now on sale.
The set includes a special holder, ten 63-yen stamps, ten postcards, and envelopes with an original Black Wiz design.
The "special holder" with a grimoire-style design is decorated with a "Thank you for the 8th anniversary" postcard drawn by the management team, and is sure to be a special item that fans will not be able to resist. This is sure to be a special item that fans will not be able to resist.
For details, please check the "8th Anniversary Commemorative Stamp" special page.

TV Commercial Premiere!

In past years, a gorgeous PV of the anniversary spirit has been aired as a commercial, but this year, a live-action commercial will be aired only in the Kanto region. This year, a live-action commercial will be aired only in the Kanto region.

The commercial is available on the official Coloplast YouTube channel.

Finally, the "8th Anniversary Spirit" was announced!

The "8th Anniversary Spirits" that will appear in the "8th Anniversary Gacha" were introduced along with a special PV created by the management of Black Wiz.

The 8th Anniversary Spirits are " in motion! The 8th Anniversary Spirit is a series of situation illustration cards.
All of the illustrations feature Wiz, with a voice by Tamura Yukari, who plays Wiz.
In addition, each card has its own starting motion and comes with the exclusive "Festival of You and Spirits" latent ability (boosts attack power and HP of all allies).

Exclusive potential "Festival of You and the Spirits".

Event & Gacha "8th Anniversary" Period: Friday, March 5, 16:00 - Wednesday, March 31, 15:59 (scheduled)

This gacha also has a "ceiling function.
You can see the illustrations in action in the live broadcast archive, so be sure to check it out!

Flying in the sky Nacht Krahe

空を翔ける ナハト・クレーエ
Flying in the sky Nacht Krahe

CV: Yuki Kaji/Yukari Tamura
It comes with a starting motion as the camera moves from the sky to the characters.

Family Feast: The Babina Family

家族の祝宴 バビーナファミリー
Family Banquet Babina Family

CV: Yurika Kubo/Yukari Tamura
It has a start motion as if the curtain is opening and the Babina family is welcoming us.

Always on the move! Vanguard

いつでも出動! ヴァンガード
Always on the move! Vanguard

CV: Rie Murakawa/Yuka Ohtsubo/Kazuhiko Inoue/Yukari Tamura
It has a start motion as if the Vanguard team is coming down from an airplane.

Karafuru! Enigma Flowers

からふる! エニグマフラワーズ
Karafuru! Enigma Flowers

CV: Rika Nagae / Tomori Kusunoki / Airi Otsu / Yukari Tamura
It has a start motion that makes Enigma Flowers jump into the app-like screen.

Flowers, Dumplings, and a Moodiness

花と団子と 目明し〈気分屋〉
Flowers, dumplings, and a blind man.

CV: Shin Furukawa / Misato Fukuen / Haruka Kamura / Yukari Tamura
The start motion of the dumplings is as if a blind person (Mood-Ya) is jumping on the dumplings.

One Night of Dreaming MARELESS

A Night of Dreams MARELESS

CV: Kenjiro Tsuda/Yukari Tamura
The starting motion is as if the light held by the wiz is illuminating the surroundings.


At the ending, each of the performers expressed their memories of the 8th anniversary, their impressions of the live broadcast, and their congratulations on the 8th anniversary, and the event ended with the audience watching on.
The archive of the 8th anniversary live broadcast can be viewed on the official Coloplast YouTube channel.
Please enjoy the reactions of the performers and the atmosphere of the day!
You can also check out the details of the campaigns and events mentioned in this article on the Black Cat Wiz 8th Anniversary Special Site and the official Wizard and Black Cat Wiz Twitter account!

We're giving away 8th anniversary goods!

『クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ』八周年祝宴~花鳥風月~

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Black Wiz, we will be holding a campaign on funglr Games official Twitter!
One winner will receive an acrylic stand and a trading miniature color paper with a newly drawn illustration of Cretia's 8th anniversary, which will also be sold at the official Coloplast store!
Follow the official Twitter account of funglr Games and retweet the tweet " Black Wiz 8th Anniversary Present Campaign " to complete your entry!

Entries will be accepted until 10:59 a.m. on Wednesday, March 31, 2021! Please check the details below!

We're waiting for your applications!

Black Wiz 8th Anniversary Present Campaign
Campaign period March 31, 2021 (Wed.) 10:59 a.m.
Prize Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz: Kachofugetsu Acrylic Stand Cretia x 1
Quiz RPG Wizard and the Black Cat Whiz: Hanabacho Fugetsu trading miniature color paper x 1 piece
Winner One winner will be selected by drawing.
How to apply 1. follow the official funglr Games account ( @funglr_games) on Twitter

2. retweet the tweet "Black Wiz 8th Anniversary Present Campaign

3. complete the application!

Who is eligible to win Follow the official funglr Games account on Twitter and retweet the "Black Wiz 8th Anniversary Present Campaign" tweet posted by the official funglr Games account.

Please note that if your Twitter account is set to "Private" or "Deleted" at the time of winning, or if you are not following the official funglr Games account, you will not be eligible for the giveaway.

Announcement of Winner After a strict drawing, winners will be notified by direct message on Twitter from the official funglr Games account.

Winners will be notified by direct message.
Precautions Retweets will be limited to official retweets.

If your Twitter account is set to private, we will not be able to see your retweets and you will not be eligible to enter the contest.

If you have set your Twitter account to block direct mail, you will not be able to be notified of the winners and will therefore not be eligible to enter the contest.

Entry is limited to those who can specify that the prize will be shipped within Japan.

Winners will be notified by direct message from the funglr Games Twitter account.

Winners will be notified by direct message from the funglr Games Twitter account.

Please note that if you do not enter your prize delivery address within 24 hours of being contacted by funglr Games, your prize will be forfeited.

If the prize is not delivered due to the winner's long-term absence or if the prize delivery address or relocation address is unknown, fugnlr Games will not be held responsible for any failure to complete the delivery of the prize.

Winners cannot specify the delivery method.

Prizes cannot be changed or returned after they have been won.

Winning rights cannot be transferred to a third party or exchanged for cash.


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The 8th anniversary of the black cat! Various campaigns including "up to 888 consecutive free gachas"!
The 8th anniversary of the black cat! Various campaigns including "up to 888 consecut...

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