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"Road Mobile Cosplayer Competition" with an ad appearance It was chamomile who won the fierce battle for a month!

Lords Mobile広告出演をかけた「ロードモバイル コスプレイヤー対抗戦」1ヶ月間の激闘を制したのはカモミール!

IGG, a smartphone game company headquartered in Singapore and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, announced that Camomile won the "Road Mobile Cosplayers Competition," an event held on its "Road Mobile" site.

What is "Road Mobile Cosplayers Battle"?

The "ROAD MOBILE Cosplayers Battle" was a competition among four cosplayers who competed in an advertisement for "ROAD MOBILE".
The winning group will win the right to appear in a large billboard advertisement.
The winner, Chamomile, won a large billboard advertisement as an advertising model for Road Mobile.

 Road Mobile

The ads will be announced on Twitter after they are posted.


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