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Discover and nurture the next generation of star players! "LJL 2022 Academy League" and "LJL 2022 Scouting Grounds" will be held again this season!

次世代のスター選手を発掘、育成!「LJL 2022 Academy League」と「LJL 2022 Scouting Grounds」が今シーズンも開催!

Riot Games, Inc., the Japanese subsidiary of Riot Games, Inc. that organizes the League of Legends Japan League (hereinafter referred to as "LJL"), a professional league in Japan for "League of Legends (hereinafter referred to as "LoL"), is pleased to announce the launch of a new professional league in Japan. LJL" is a professional league of "LoL" in Japan.
The eight teams participating in the "LJL" play a total of more than 200 matches throughout the two seasons of spring and summer, and the winning team will participate in the world tournament held annually.
The " LJL 2022 Academy League," which aims to nurture the next generation of "LJL" players and develop the competitive scene, has been announced!
In addition, the " LJL 2022 Scouting Grounds " will be held to allow players to showcase their skills directly to professional teams!

「LoL」の日本国内リーグ「LJL 2022 Summer Split」は6月24日(金)開幕!今シーズンも100試合以上をすべてオンライン配信!

LJL Academy League" to nurture the next generation of players

LJL Academy League
LJL Academy League

RIAT Games is not only developing the current professional league "LJL," but is also putting efforts into discovering and nurturing the next generation of players.
The "LJL Academy League," which started last season, is one of these measures.

The league is a competition of players from the academies of 8 teams.
In addition to the daily practice matches, we expect to see the level of each team's players rise to a higher level by playing in a format that is more similar to professional competition!
In the "LJL 2022 Academy League," all teams will play a round-robin tournament, followed by a tournament round that will begin on Thursday, August 25, 2022.
The final match will be held on Thursday, September 1, 2022 to determine the winning team!

Last year's " LJL 2021 Academy League " was a hot topic as V3 Esports unexpectedly won the tournament without losing a single game.
Although it is called an academy, the participants are professional players who belong to a team.
Keep your eyes peeled for these players who will be active in the LJL in the future!
The schedule of matches for each date will be announced at a later date and can be found on the official "LJL" website.

Tournament Outline
Name of Tournament LJL 2022 Academy League
Period Regular Season: From Thursday, July 14 to August 11, 2022 (28 games in total)
Playoffs: Thursday, August 25 through Thursday, September 1, 2022
Streaming Twitch
Live commentary wataneko, syouryu
Participating Teams AXIZ, Burning Core, Crest Gaming Act, DetonatioN FocusMe, Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS gaming, Rascal Jester, Sengoku Gaming, V3 Esports

LJL 2022 Scouting Grounds!

The "LJL Scouting Grounds " league, which aims to discover and nurture future pro players, will be held again this year!
Four teams will be selected to compete in a league, and the top team will win the right to compete in the online finals.
The difference from the "LJL Academy League" is that even amateurs can participate!
The aim is to discover new professional players by simulating the professional scene through matches under the watchful eyes of professional teams and spectators, and through feedback from actual LJL professional team coaches.

"LJL Scouting Grounds" is a rare opportunity to showcase your skills to a professional team for sure!
If you are a skilled player who meets the requirements for selection, why don't you apply?
The application process will be announced at a later date, so be sure to check the official LJL website and Twitter account (@Official_LJL ) often!

Tournament Outline
Name LJL 2022 Scouting Grounds
Period Scheduled for November 2022
Participant Recruitment Period Mid-September to mid-October
Number of participants to be selected 30 (20 of whom will participate in the preliminary rounds and 10 will be reserve registrants)
Selection Requirements Age limit: 16 to 25 years old
Rank Limit: Diamond III or higher last season or currently Diamond IV or higher.
Selection Criteria Selection will be made by the Management Team based on three factors: game rank at the time of selection, screening by the Management Team, and account check.


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