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"League of Legends" World Championship 2021 worlds championship Group Stage Japan National Team Trends

「League of Legends」世界大会「2021 worlds championship」グループステージ 日本代表チームの動向

The "2021 World Championship" ("worlds2021"), a world championship of "League of Legends" ("LoL"), the most popular e-sports title in the world, has been held recently, and the Japanese The Japanese national team achieved a remarkable feat by coming in first in the play-in stage, which is the qualifying round.

After the qualifying round, a group stage is held, and the best eight teams advance to the knockout stage of the final tournament. How did the Japanese team perform on the world stage? The final ranking of Japan's national team has been finalized, and we will take a look back at the results.


Japan National Team Final Ranking! The wall of the world was thick!


In the group stage, the four teams were divided into groups A through D and played two rounds of round-robin league matches. The top two teams from each group with the most wins will advance to the final tournament.

The Japanese national team, "DetonatioN FocusMe" (DFM), was assigned to Group B and played against the best teams in the world. The team finished the tournament with a 0-6 record, placing 4th in its group and in the top 16 overall.


Looking at the results alone, it looks as if DFM failed to win a single game and was eliminated from the tournament, but they did take the lead against Edward Gaming, the No. 1 ranked team in China, and DFM's mid laner DFM mid laner aria
The LJL's improved level of competition was demonstrated to the world.

This year is the first time for the LJL to participate in the group stage, and it is expected that this will lead to more exchanges with overseas teams. If the level of the LJL improves as a result, it will be possible for the team to advance past the group stage.

Although this year's result was disappointing, it was the first time for the LJL to advance to the group stage, and it was certainly a year that will lead to the future development of the LJL. We look forward to LJL's future progress!

The knockout stage is just beginning! Which team will take the world's No. 1 spot?


In the group stage, the rankings for Group A and Group B have been finalized, and 4 out of the top 8 teams have already been decided.

The remaining teams are all strong, and all of them have a chance to win the championship.

DK is last year's world champion, and this year they showed their overwhelming ability by finishing first in the LCK (Korean League) and going through Group A of the group stage with a 6-0 record. The mid laner show maker is said to be the best mid laner in the world, and the jungler canyon is currently considered the best jungler in the world.

Although DK is a strong contender for the championship, there have been times in the past when a potential winner has been unexpectedly knocked off their feet. We will keep our eyes on the knockout stage to see how the national teams will break DK and whether DK will win the worlds for the second year in a row!

Stay tuned to the official LoLEsports website run by Riot for the latest news on worlds!


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