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Many cosplayers also participated! League of Legends 10-Week Thanksgiving!


This year, League of Legends ("LoL") celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Fangler editorial department went to the 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Festival held at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro on October 16!
The 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Festival will be an innovative gaming festival with the theme of "Festival" x "LoL" in Japan.

LoL 感謝祭
LoL booth
funglr Games

LoL is a popular game, and even though it was a weekday, there was a huge line with restricted admission to enter the venue.
The first thing that caught my eye upon entering the venue was the merchandise booth. There were of course goods that I have seen at past events, but there was also a newly released Star Guardian Soraka figure for sale! Since it is not available in Japan, many of the items were sold out by the time I arrived at around 4:00 pm. The fans' love for the Champion was clearly shown.

LoL グッツ
Merchandise booth
funglr Games

Next to the merchandising booths are the food stalls, where you can get a hot dog or a dring with the check sheet you received when you entered the booth.

Free Food Stalls

When you arrive at the food stall area, you will hear a shout from the "Shout Demarcia" stall! Participants can shout "Demarcia" into the microphone, and if the volume exceeds a certain decibel level, they will win a prize. There will also be a variety of other stalls, such as "Teemo the Target Shooter," "Vai's Blow Off," "Chest Chance," and "Mundo Dodgeball," all free of charge!

There were so many people waiting in line that I ended up pulling the "chest chance" gacha. I got my champion skin without a hitch!

Real-life booth

In addition to the food stalls, there was also a team made up of LoL influencers and visitors to the event, playing a red-and-white game and a live broadcast of the LoL trading card game, TCG Legends of Runeterra. There was a grand unveiling of all champion voice actors and an autograph display, but unfortunately no photos were allowed...

And LoL cosplay!

Of course there will be cosplay! Although this is a relatively small festival event, many cosplayers still participated.

Character: Kenen & Akari

ケネン アカリ
LoL Kenen & Akari
funglr games編集部

Cosplayers: Chisse &hikki

Character: Lux

LoL Lux
funglr games編集部

Cosplayer: Beni

Character: Jin

LoL Jin
funglr games編集部

Cosplayer: Popai

That's all for now, here's my report on the 10 Week Thanksgiving!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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【Cosplayer】I went to "League of Legends Japan League" 2019!...

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