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An evolving viewing experience! Start watching LoL with "LJL 2020 Spring Split"!

進化する観戦体験!「LJL 2020 Spring Split」からLoL観戦を始めよう!

LJL (League of Legends Japan League), a professional league in Japan of the PC online game "LoL," or "League of Legends," which holds large-scale tournaments all over the world, opened the first half of its 2020 season, "LJL 2020 Spring Split," on Saturday, February 8. LJL 2020 Spring Split", the first half of the 2020 season, started on Saturday, February 8.

LJL 2020 Spring Split
LJL 2020 Spring Split

In conjunction with the Game 6 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Gaming (SHG) vs Sengoku Gaming (SG), a special commentary program "Hajimete no LJL with Jun Tamura" was broadcast on the "Yoshimoto Kogyo Channel" on Youtube.

Special commentary program "First LJL with Jun Tamura" (Japanese only)

First LJL" with Jun Tamura

Jun Tamura himself has never played "League of Legends" (LoL), so this program was designed for those who are new to LoL and those who are watching LJL for the first time. Since this is the first game for Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Gaming (SHG), we will try to grab the audience who are not familiar with LoL and are interested in the game because of the Hawks connection.
LoL is a complicated game with many elements to learn, and it is difficult to fully enjoy the game if you don't know the rules.
Therefore, in order for LoL to be recognized by many people as an enjoyable game to watch, explanations for beginners are constantly being sought as an introduction to the game.
In response to this situation, the structure of the broadcast is that the first half is an introduction to LoL and LJL, and Jun Tamura asks questions from the perspective of LoL and LJL beginners before and after the game, while LJL caster katsudion and LJL commentator Lillebelt provide commentary in the background, allowing viewers to enjoy watching LJL games.

Throughout the video streaming, Jun Tamura's questions were surprisingly precise and focused on the game of LoL and e-sports spectating.
Take, for example, this video clip. Originally, beginners are supposed to be disappointed that they didn't beat their opponents, which is natural, but "Oh, they're leaving? ""It's a chance, isn't it, when they are going back? " and a scene where he speaks a line that is not easy to hear for a beginner.
He swallows too quickly.

As a LoL fan, I sometimes give lectures on how to play and watch LoL. It's so much more than I thought it would be. If possible, we would like to see this project continue in the future.

Starting this season, we are also sponsoring a delivery hall! Food and beverages were banned, but now it is possible to take delivery of food and beverages to watch the games!

"LJL 2020 Spring Split"は出前館が協賛!
LJL 2020 Spring Split" is sponsored by Deseikan!

Starting this season, the LJL will be sponsored by Deseikan.
While eating and drinking were prohibited in the previous season, it will be possible to watch the games while eating and drinking by taking delivery of food and beverages inside and outside the venue.

The "Arena Delivery" service, in which food and beverages are delivered from the venue (arena) to the spectators' seats, has been popular at various sporting events in the past, allowing spectators to comfortably watch the games without waiting in long lines for food during the interval. This system was also introduced at the LJL.

The LJL 2020 Spring Split regular season consists of two BO1 (one game first) matches between all eight teams, from 13:00 to 22:30, a whopping nine and a half hours long.
However, thanks to the sponsorship of "Deseikan," the ban on food and beverages was lifted.
At the event, various delivery services such as pizza and hamburgers were available at the venue, and during the "First LJL with Jun Tamura," MC Taketo took delivery of sushi for Jun Tamura and LJL anchor katsudion, and LJL commentator Lillebelt took delivery of Kentucky's fried chicken for the audience. LJL commentator Lillebelt was watching the game while eating Kentucky's fried chicken.

LJL commentator Lillebelt tucking into a delicious piece of chicken.
A little while ago, Jun Tamura said, "You're smiling at me in a way you haven't smiled at me before, aren't you? On the chicken. He also teased, "You've never shown that smile to me yet, have you?

Delivery sushi arrives at the end of the game.
It was a special meal at the venue, which is an essential part of the fun of watching a sporting event, and one could sense that LJL is maturing into a more sporting event.

Kane Kosugi from Lipovitan D, the sponsor of Game 6, also took the stage as a guest!

Game 6 was the "Match of the day supported by Lipovitan D," and Lipovitan D was handed out at the venue.
Afterwards, Kane Kosugi, who is a big LoL fan and a popular LoL player himself, took the stage. Of course, he started the match with a shout of "Fight Ippatsu! " to start the match.

Kane Kosugi was also the star of the eye-catcher before the match started.
It seems that this will continue to be done in Game 6 of each Week in the future.

As a member of the generation that grew up watching Kane Cosugi's commercials, I couldn't get enough.

Let's watch the LJL 2020 Spring Split!

"LJL 2020 Spring Split"スケジュール
"LJL 2020 Spring Split" Schedule

All regular season games of the "LJL 2020 Spring Split" will be held at Yoshimoto ∞ Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.
On the other hand, the third round of the playoffs through the final will be held at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall in Osaka.

In the regular season, all 8 teams will play 2 matches each in BO1 (one game first) format.
From 13:00 to 22:30, you can watch the matches while taking a delivery service and soaking in LoL for the whole day.
Of course, you don't have to go to the event venue, as there will be live-streaming on Twitch, OPENREC.tv, and Mildom, as well as VOD of each match on YouTube at a later date, so enjoy watching the LJL in your favorite style!

Tickets can be purchased at " Ticket Yoshimoto ".
URL: https://yoshimoto.funity.jp/kglist/?kw=LJL

Live streaming will be available at

Twitch - RiotGamesJP: https: //www.twitch.tv/riotgamesjp/
OPENREC.tv - RiotGamesJP: https: //www.openrec.tv/user/riotgames_jp
Mildom - RiotGamesJP: https: //www.mildom.com/10244404


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