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SGWIN! Infiltrating LJL2022 Summer Playoffs Public Viewing in Fukuoka Challepa

SGWIN!福岡チャレパのLJL2022 Summer Playoffsパブリックビューイングに潜入

League of Legends ( hereafter referred to as "LoL"), a MOBA game developed by RIAT Games, is a milestone in the MOBA genre.
The League of Legends Japan League (hereinafter referred to as "LJL"), a professional league in Japan, will be held for two seasons in the spring and summer, with the winning team earning a ticket to the world championship in addition to prize money and honors.
The finals of the LJL 2022 Summer Split Playoffs were held on Sunday, September 4, 2022!
funglr Games went to the LJL 2022 Summer Split Playoffs public viewing at esports Challenger's Park in Fukuoka, Japan, and here is our report!

LJL 2022 Summer Split Playoffs Public Viewing

LJL 2022 Summer Split Playoffs パブリックビューイング
LJL 2022 Summer Split Playoffs Public Viewing
esports Challenger's Park

As a result of the LJL 2022 regular season and playoffs, the LJL 2022 Summer Split final match will be between Sengoku Gaming (@Sengoku_Gaming) and DetonatioN FocusMe (@teamDFM ).
Sengoku Gaming's home stadium, esports Challenger's Park, one of the largest e-sports complexes in western Japan, will host a public viewing event!
Special guests Poyoshi (@KPoyox ) and Nagisatchi (@Nagiponpoko) from Sengoku Gaming were invited as goddesses of victory, and Takaya Special (@PowerofTakaya) as an LJL spectator entertainer to cheer on Sengoku Gaming!

Sneaking into esports Challenger's Park!

funglr Games

Tenjin Loft Building, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture!
Opened in August 2021 in Tenjin, one of Kyushu's most prominent downtown areas, is esports Challenger' s Park ( hereinafter referred to as "Challenger's Park"), one of the largest comprehensive e-sports facilities in western Japan.

Entrance to Chalepa
funglr Games

The facility has a play area where visitors can enjoy e-sports on a super high-speed QTnet connection, a study room where beginners and parents can enjoy e-sports experience and lectures, a distribution booth for live broadcasting , and acafé where visitors can relax and take a breather.
On Sunday, September 4, 2022, it was all about Sengoku Gaming for the LJL 2022 Summer Split Playoffs public viewing event!

Message Board
funglr Games

The first thing that caught my attention when I entered the charrepa was the large message board.
The first thing that caught my attention as I entered the Chalepa was the large message board, which included autographs from Sengoku Gaming players Once (@Once_lol) and Honey (@ADC_Honey0908), as well as TNC announcer Hiroto Kiritani (@kiritani1015_49 ), who is well known for his preferential treatment of players.

funglr Games

There was also a trophy from the "WILD RIFT JAPAN CUP 2021," a tournament to determine the best player of "League of Legends: Wild Rift," the smartphone version of LoL.
Sengoku Gaming also recently won the "LJL 2022 Academy League" held on Thursday, September 1, 2022.
We have high expectations for the LJL 2022 Summer Split Playoffs!

funglr Games

A café selling snacks and beverages.
After ordering an all-you-can-drink plan and a set of snacks available only for public viewing, we were ready to watch the game!

funglr Games

The match is about to begin!
Sengoku Gaming was able to get the first blood, but they were able to keep the difference by focusing on the object.

funglr Games

The first match lasted 40 minutes!
The fans at the venue were engrossed in the screen as the battle was heated and closely contested.
There are several monitors set up in the venue, and a mini-map is enlarged next to the big screen, making it very easy to see.

A close win, but no victory...
funglr Games

But! As you all know the result, DetonatioN FocusMe won the championship by winning three games in a row!
Sengoku Gaming had some close games, but could not win a single game, and ended up as the runner-up in LJL 2022 Summer...!

Recreate Once's playing environment
funglr Games

There were devices at the venue that recreated the environment in which Once played.
Once uses a Logitech G mouse, keyboard, headset, and mousepad, and an AGON PRO AG275QXL monitor, which was jointly developed by AOC and Raiatto Games.

Riot Gamesと共同開発!LoLのプレイに合わせてライティングが変わる世界初のゲーミングモニター「AG275QXL/11」が発売決定!

funglr Games

In the store area, original goods from Sengoku Gaming and LoL are for sale!
Some Sengoku Gaming goods are also available at PayPay Mall!

Chalepa souvenir!
funglr Games

We got a Sengoku Gaming tote bag, stickers, and a mini clear file with LoL's Caitlin on it as souvenirs!
Fat on them for free admission!

Play Area

play area
funglr Games

At Chalepa, you can not only watch e-sports but also play.
To use the play area, you need to register as a PC user with your smartphone or card, but there is no registration fee!
Entry and exit is also free, so feel free to drop by and play.

Sengoku Gaming仕様のContieaks
Contieaks with Sengoku Gaming specifications
funglr Games

In the play area, you can play games using the best devices such as "Contieaks," a brand of gaming chairs developed by Seki Furniture, Inc. and Logitech gaming mice and keyboards!
Of course, they will be disinfected after use!

Admission and membership are free!
funglr Games

Please check the official Chalepa website for details on usage fees and the membership system!

Hours of Use Charge Special rate for QTnet users
General 3 hours
Point charge
2,000 yen 1,600 yen
Vocational student
University student
1,500 yen 1,200 yen
Elementary, junior high and high school students 1,000 yen 800 yen

Public viewing that brings the venue together

LJL, which has teamed up with Yoshimoto Kogyo to offer offline viewing at Yoshimoto Eternal Hall, is now forced to hold its games online due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.
However, now that the new coronavirus outbreak has forced LJL to be held online, it is easier to cheer on LJL fans from home since all games are distributed free of charge, but there is something about watching offline that only those who have participated can understand: the excitement and sense of unity.
We hope that the number of places where fans can get together and experience offline games will increase, even if only a little, so that more people can learn about the appeal of e-sports.


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