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"LoL" "VALORANT" The last student conference before graduation "Spring Circle Cup 2022" will be held from February 24 to March 8! Entry starts on February 7!

「LoL」「VALORANT」卒業前の最後の学生大会「Spring Circle Cup2022」が2月24~3月8日開催決定!エントリーは2月7日から!

Riot Games, Inc., a Japanese subsidiary of Riot Games, Inc. of the United States, will host the "Spring Circle Cup 2022," a student tournament for League of Legends (LoL) and "VALORANT, as part of its "LeagueU" program to support the student community. As part of the "LeagueU" program to support the student community, RYAT Games announced that the " Spring Circle Cup 2022" will be held from Thursday, February 24 to Tuesday, March 8, 2010.

Spring Circle Cup Overview

Outline of Spring Circle Cup
Name of the event Spring Challenge Cup
Organizer LeagueU
Title League of Legends", "VALORANT
Number of teams First 32 teams for each title
Tournament Schedule From Thursday, February 24 to Tuesday, March 8
Streaming https://twitch.tv/leagueuofficial (only semifinals and finals will be distributed)
Official website https://www.leagueoflegends.com/ja-jp/news/community/leagueu-scc2022/

Tournament Format

The tournament will consist of a "Preliminary Group Stage" and a "Final Tournament".
The "Preliminary Group Stage" will consist of 4 blocks of 8 teams per block, and the ranking will be determined by a round robin Bo1.
Each block will play a total of seven matches, and only the top team from each block will advance to the final tournament. The number of groups may be changed if the number of participating teams is lower than expected.
The final tournament will be played by a total of 4 teams that have advanced to the preliminary group stage.
The semi-finals will be played in Bo1 and the finals in Bo3.

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League of Legends
"Spring CircleCup2022"公式サイト
Wordle Logo
"Spring CircleCup2022"公式サイト

Tournament Schedule

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Timeline for the tournament
"Spring CircleCup2022"公式サイト

Preliminary Group League

Thursday, February 24
Distribution None
Round 1 13:00
Round 2 14:15
Round 3 15:30
Round 4 16:45
Round 5 18:00
Saturday, February 26
Delivery None
Round 6 13:00
Round 7 14:15
Round 8 15:30
Round 9 16:45
Round 10 18:00

*Both divisions will start at the same time.

Finals (same day)

League of Legends Division
Distribution Tuesday, March 8, each match will be streamed
Semifinals Match1 11:00
Semifinal Match2 12:10
Final Game1 13:20
Final Game2 13:00
Final Game3 15:40
Streaming Each game will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 8
Semifinals Match1 17:10
Semifinal Match2 18:20
Final Game1 19:30
Final Game2 20:40
Final Game3 21:50


About Circles

  • Circles must be registered in LeagueU's Circle List
  • Circles must have at least 5 members.

If your circle is not registered in the Circle List, you can register your circle from the LeagueU Circle Registration Form for 2021.

About participating members

How to Participate

1. Submit the application form between Monday, February 7 and Thursday, February 17.

2 . 32 teams accepted for participation by Monday, February 21, will be notified by email by the management team on Discord.

3. On February 23 (Wed.), the round-robin pairings will be announced on the "Discord" and "LeagueU Official Twitter ( @LeagueUOfficial )".

What is LeagueU?

LeagueU is a LoL community support program for students developed by RIAT Games since April 2016. To date, LeagueU has supported more than 120 circles and 100 student-organized events nationwide, and in 2017, LeagueU hosted the "LeagueU Grand Tournament" and the "AllCampus Series&quot The final game of each event is held at the offline venue.
Many LoL fans gathered at the final games of each tournament, even though they were held offline.
From 2019, we are also officially supporting the LoL student tournaments "JCL" and "WUL".
We will continue to expand our services for student initiatives and student players in the future.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

34695「LoL」「VALORANT」卒業前の最後の学生大会「Spring Circle Cup2022」が2月24~3月8日開催決定!エントリーは2月7日から!
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