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A pop-up shop event "Kusanagi Kyo Exhibition" to commemorate the birthday of SNK's most popular character "Kusanagi Kyo" will be held!

SNK屈指の人気キャラクター「草薙京」の誕生日を記念したポップアップショップイベント「草薙 京展」開催決定!

The " THE KING OF FIGHTERS " (hereinafter referred to as "KOF") fighting game series is one of SNK's most popular fighting games worldwide.
The main character and one of the most popular characters in KOF, and even in SNK's entire works, is Kyo Kusanagi.
When he first appeared in KOF '94, he was wearing a school uniform (he was 19 years old at the time of KOF '94. Kyo was wearing a bandana and a school uniform when he first appeared in KOF '94 (he was 19 years old at the time of the first appearance in KOF '94.
Kyo Kusanagi's birthday is December 12!
To celebrate Kyo Kusanagi's birthday, Indoor Co., Ltd. will hold a pop-up store event called "Kyo Kusanagi Exhibition "!

Limited-edition goods will be on sale, and there will also be giveaways!

草薙 京展
Kyo Kusanagi Exhibition

The "Kyo Kusanagi Exhibition" will be held at THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER in Akihabara, Tokyo from December 11, 2020 (Friday ), the day before Kyo Kusanagi's birthday.
In addition to limited-edition goods commemorating Kyo Kusanagi's birthday, a " mini pub mirror " will be given away to those who spend over 8,000 yen (excluding tax) per account!
The present is limited to one per person.
The "Kyo Kusanagi Exhibition" will be held until Sunday, January 17, 2021, but if you want the "mini pub mirror," you might want to come early.

ミニパブミラー ※イメージ
Mini pub mirror *Image

In addition, on Christmas Eve ( Thursday, December 24, 2020) and Christmas Day ( Friday, December 25, 2020 ), a " Christmas limited sticker " will be offered with a purchase of 1,000 yen or more per account excluding tax!
The image shown above shows Kyo and his girlfriend Yuki together in a Christmas town, but there is a limited number of stickers per person.
The exhibition will end as soon as they are gone, so we recommend coming on Thursday, December 24, 2020!

クリスマス限定ステッカー ※イメージ
Christmas limited sticker *Image

Linked event at "TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS"!

TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS " is operated in Akihabara, Tokyo by Indoor Corporation, the organizer of the "Kyo Kusanagi Exhibition.
TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS" is the first game bar in Japan and is very popular, but it will be linked to the "Kyo Kusanagi Exhibition"!
On December 12, 2020 (Sat ), the day of Kyo Kusanagi's birthday, and the following day, December 13, 2020 (Sun), customers who order SNK-related menu items or purchase SNK-related products and spend over 5,000 yen excluding tax will receive an " Original Kyo Kusanagi Birthday Coaster " as a present!

草薙京生誕祭オリジナルコースター ※イメージ
Kyo Kusanagi Birthday Festival Original Coaster *Image

Needless to say, only one coaster per person is available, and the number of coasters is limited to 25 for each day.
TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS is open for lunch, usually from 11:00 a.m., so if you want to be sure of getting one, you might want to come at noon.

Even after the coaster distribution is over, "TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS" will continue to hold more events in conjunction with the event.
From December 15, 2020 (Tue. ), orders of SNK-related menu items and purchases of SNK-related products of 10,000 yen or more excluding tax will receive a " TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS Original Canvas Board " as a present!
There is a limited number of these boards per person, so be sure to come early if you want to be sure of getting one!

TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS オリジナルキャンバスボード ※イメージ
TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS original canvas board *image

Let's celebrate the birth of a very popular character!

If Kyo Kusanagi was 19 years old in 1994, then don't be so naive as to say that he will be 45 this year! Somewhere along the line, there was no such concept!
Kyo Kusanagi, one of SNK's most iconic characters, may be celebrating his birthday, but that doesn't mean he should be in a state of flux!
As he is a popular character, you may be able to purchase limited-edition goods at the "Kyo Kusanagi Exhibition" for a while, but the gifts may end soon.
Visit the store early during the exhibition period to purchase SNK goods and get a present!
For more information, please check "THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER" official Twitter (@TheAKBCTN_INDOR) and "TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS " official Twitter (@TVG_INDOR )!


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