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KOFXV Open β Test! Photo report on nagoya gaeoff at "Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA"!

KOFXVオープンβテスト!「コミュファ eSports Stadium NAGOYA」で名古屋格ゲーオフの様子をフォトレポート!

The open beta test of " THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV " (KOFXV), the latest in SNK's popular fighting game series, will be held for three days from November 20, 2021 at 12:00 to November 22, 23:59 (Japan time). The test will be held on PS4/PS5 platforms only.

Although the game was only available on PS4/PS5 platforms, the quality of the game was higher than that of KOF14, and there were expectations that many old players who had left KOF would come back to the game. The platform was a big hit on social networking sites, with the expectation that many old KOF players who had left the game would come back.
The open beta test also served as a test for online battles, but when it comes to gaming, offline battles are the way to go! The number of people infected with Corona has been decreasing and the number of offline events is slowly increasing. The event was held at the "Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA," an e-sports facility located in Nagoya's PARCO Parco, Aichi Prefecture.

Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA", Nagoya's leading eSports facility!

コミュファ eSports Stadium NAGOYACommufa Stadium

Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA " is an eSports facility operated by Chubu Telecommunications Corporation, which provides optical cable "Commufa" in the Chubu region.

Commufa" offers a gaming line that can be considered a choice for gamers living in the Chubu area, including " Commufa Hikari G aming Custom," Japan's first fiber optic line specialized for online gaming.
Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA," or Commufa Stadium, is equipped with a network environment for gamers, and is fully equipped with 4 x 10G optical fiber lines!
But of course, we don't just specialize in online events, we also hold offline events!
And in order to experience KOFXV in this KOFXV Open Beta Test, Commufa Stadium was covered in KOF!

Commufa Stadium covered in KOF!

KOFXVオープンβテスト(名古屋格ゲーオフ)Commufa Stadium

At the entrance of Commufa Stadium, there is a KOFXV sign! This alone is enough to get you excited.
At TGS2021, we were able to experience KOFXV at Makuhari Messe, the offline venue, but only a limited number of people were allowed to enter, and many people from Aichi had to travel a long way to attend the event.

KOFXVオープンβテスト(名古屋格ゲーオフ)Commufa Stadium

A crowd had already gathered at the reception desk! It says "Nagoya Gaming Off" on the sign.

KOFXVオープンβテスト(名古屋格ゲーオフ)Commufa Stadium

Figures of popular characters such as Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami were at the venue!

KOFXVオープンβテスト(名古屋格ゲーオフ)Commufa Stadium

Kyo Kusanagi's rival, Iori Yagami, a bassist who feeds milk to cats, is also teaming up with Kyo Kusanagi in this game.
I apologize for my lack of vocabulary, but I am very excited.

The game screen on the giant display!

KOFXVオープンβテスト(名古屋格ゲーオフ)Commufa Stadium

Speaking of Commufa Stadium (?) Commufa Stadium is equipped with a huge 3.6mm pitch LED display, perfect for events.
KOFXV was shown on such a huge display!

The venue was filled with excitement! Some people even played in cosplay!

クリスとヴァネッサのコスプレCommufa Stadium

Commufa Stadium was filled with excitement as many participants came to the venue.
It's no exaggeration to say that "cosplay is the most common type of game event," and there were even people participating in cosplay!
Chris and Vanessa, who will be participating in the event!

コスプレして対戦する草薙京vs.八神庵Commufa Stadium

Kyo and Iori are competing against each other...!

Commufa Stadium was filled with excitement for KOFXV!

Commufa Stadiumで開催されたKOFXVオフCommufa Stadium

Commufa Stadium is getting excited about KOFXV, but the organizer, Abao Pro, is holding a special event!

あば男プロCommufa Stadium

"Choki! "

Commufa Stadiumで開催されたKOFXVオフCommufa Stadium

Abao Pro, the organizer, playing KOFXV.
Commufa Stadium also has a stage, so you can play on the stage and project the action on a giant display, which is sure to be a hit if you hold an e-sports tournament here!

Furthermore, Commufa Stadium is a great place for gaming events, as they also rent out arcade machines such as the Razer Panthera Evo and Real Arcade Pro.N HAYABUSA.

The game will be archived on YouTube!

The gameplay of KOFXV on the day of the event will be streamed on Abao Pro's (@abao014) YouTube channel " Abaogame AbaoGames ".
(Chizuru and Shelmy will be playing against each other.
(Just watching the video of Chizuru and Shelmy playing against each other reminds me of the summer 24 years ago when they first appeared...)

(Just watching the video of Chizuru and Shelmy playing against each other reminds me of the first 24 summers ago...) That's all for now, here's a look at the KOFXV Nagoya Gaming Off!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

69151KOFXVオープンβテスト!「コミュファ eSports Stadium NAGOYA」で名古屋格ゲーオフの様子をフォトレポート!
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