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That Enadori "Keeba"! Kiiva ENERGY also supports music distribution event "RECOILR" using Unreal Engine!

あのエナドリ「キーバ」が!Unreal Engineを活用した音楽配信イベント「RECOILR」にKIIVA ENERGYもサポート!

ALGAZODIK, a project by game audio production company AZSTOKE Inc. to support artists' activities with game audio technology, will hold a music distribution event "RECOILR -LV5-" on Saturday, November 20. The event "RECOILR -LV5-" is scheduled to be held on November 20 (Sat.).
Kiiba Energy Drink " will be a co-sponsor of the event, which will be held this weekend!

The newly renovated "KIIVA

キーバfunglr Games

KIIVA has a large lineup of energy drinks, the most standard of which is the 500ml " KIIVA ENERGY DRINK HYDRATION ".
KIIVA ENERGY DRINK HYDRATION" has recently been renewed, and a 250ml can of " KIIVA ENERGY BOOST," which contains the same amount of caffeine as the 500ml version, has appeared on the market and is gaining momentum.

There are many energy drinks in the world in this warring age of energy drinks, but the 500ml large volume, full of caffeine, low in sweetness, and refreshingly easy to drink is the best. KIIVA" is the perfect solution for gamers and DJs who play until the wee hours of the morning! It's easy to drink and refreshing.

Signs on the stage made with the Unreal Engine!


You may be thinking, "All they do is put their logo on the stage, don't they? If you're thinking, " We're just going to put our logo on the stage, aren't we?
AZSTOKE, Inc., a specialist in game audio technology, is not like that!
As those of you who have attended past "RECOILR" events know, there are many billboards on the stage, and the design of the billboards changes on a regular basis.

We are excited to see Keeva, who is known for his "go the other way" attitude, supporting an original and groundbreaking event using the Unreal Engine to deliver music on Twitch!

RECOILR -LV5-" will be held on Saturday, November 20!

The "RECOILR -LV5- " will be held on Saturday, November 20th at 19:30!
The event will be broadcasted on Twitch, and if you comment, your alter ego, Niwatori Avatar, will appear on stage, allowing you to not only watch the broadcast but also enjoy various actions by commenting.
Please make sure to free up your schedule for this weekend night and enjoy the performances of the artists who have improved their performance with KIIVA (@kiiva555)!


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The installation camera doubles! Music event using Unreal Engine "RECOILR -LV5-" on Saturday, November 20!
The installation camera doubles! Music event using Unreal Engine "RECOILR -LV5-"...

It was announced that the projects which support artist activity with game audio technology in a game audio production company "corporation AZSTOKE (EZETTO

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