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Total prize money 41 million yen! Japan's largest poker tournament "JOPT" will be held from July 15th! An online satellite tournament is also being held for the right to participate in the Main Event!


The mind sport of poker (Texas Hold'em) is steadily gaining attention in Japan.
The "Japan Open Poker Tour" (JOPT), the largest poker tournament in Japan, will be held at the Port Hall in Takeshiba, Tokyo, and will feature a record 68 tables!
The Main Event will also feature player contracts worth a total of 10 million yen!

Total prize money of 41 million yen! The biggest poker tournament in Japan!

68テーブルPR TIMES

Poker " is a mind sport where players can enjoy the thrill of playing with a single deck of cards, and it is creating a boom.
JOPT " is one of the largest poker tournaments in Japan.
The last JOPT 2022 GF, held over eight days, attracted 1,276 players to the Main Event and10,133 players to the Side Events, making it the largest-ever event in the tournament's history.
This year's tournament, to be held at the Takeshiba Port Hotel, is expected to be as large as the previous one, with 68 tables.
The tournament will also offer more than 41 million yen in total prize money, with 10 million yen in main prize money and 3.3 million yen worth of subsidized overseas travel expenses for the winner!
The tournament is scheduled to be held four times a year, making it a dreamlike extravaganza with a guaranteed annual prize fund of 100 million yen!

Online DAY 1 will also be held! The main tournament starts on July 15!


JOPT 2022 #01 " is scheduled to be held from July 15, 2022 (Friday) to July 18, 2022 (Monday, national holiday) at the Port Hall in Takeshiba, Tokyo.
In order to enter the Main Event, players must win a qualifying satellite held at stores nationwide to qualify for the event.
To make it easier for those who live far away to participate, GGPoker will hold its first online event, called " Online Day 1X "!
There will be one Day 1 in Nagoya and Osaka, and three Day 1s in Tokyo, for a total of five online Day 1s, the largest ever, with over 1,000 entries expected!
Poker is a chance for everyone, regardless of age or gender, to grab their dreams with just a little bit of smarts and luck!
Why not give it a try?
The schedule for the online satellite tournament for the right to participate in Day 1X is as follows.
For more information about the tournament, please check the official website of the tournament!

Online DAY1JOPT公式サイト


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