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JeGT CHALLENGERS, which is held at the same time as the e-motor sports highest peak category JeGT GRAND PRIX, announces plans to recruit drivers

eモータースポーツ最高峰カテゴリーJeGT GRAND PRIXと同時開催のJeGT CHALLENGERSがドライバー募集予定を発表

The " JeGT " e-motorsports tournament, sponsored by NGM Corporation, was born in September 2019 and has held events and online competitions, starting with the "JeGT GRAND PRIX ZERO ROUND @KOBE" pre-competition.
In October 2020, Autobacs Seven, Inc., which operates the largest chain of car accessory stores "Autobacs", will become the main sponsor, and the " AUTOBACS JeGT " will finally become an official competition on December 19, 2020 (Saturday). GRAND PRIX 2020 Series " (hereinafter referred to as "JeGT") will start on Saturday, December 19, 2020.
While preparations are steadily underway for the opening of the event, it was announced on the official Twitter account of the event that the " JeGT CHALLENGERS," which will be held at the same time and will be a gateway to success in the JeGT, will be accepting applications from contestants.

The competition will be open to players 40 years of age and older.

According to the official JeGT Twitter account, the "JeGT CHALLENGERS" will be open to " people 40 years old or older " and will be accepting 6 to 12 applicants.
In October 2020, it was announced that the "JeGT CHALLENGERS" would be open to a variety of people with limited conditions for participation, although professional racing drivers and JeGT certified drivers are required to participate in JeGT.
The current open call will be for "those 40 years of age or older," but it is expected that other restrictions will be set in the future.
Those who want to test their skills should continue to check the recruitment information.

The competition will be streamed on the official JeGT YouTube channel, but all qualifying events will be pre-recorded.
The "JeGT CHALLENGERS" will also be pre-recorded, and the date of the race has been announced as Tuesday, December 1.
The application method and conditions have not been announced, and more details will be announced later.
For more information, please check the official Twitter account of JeGT or the official website of JeGT.


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NGM which does planning and operation of a e sport announced that Autobacs Seven which manages car store largest company chain "automatic, back" etc.

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