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The second round of the e-motorsports tournament "AUTOBACS JeGT GRAND PRIX 2020 Series" will be released on January 9

eモータースポーツ大会「AUTOBACS JeGT GRAND PRIX 2020 Series」の第2戦が1月9日より公開

AUTOBACS JeGT GRAND PRIX 2020 Series ( hereinafter referred to as " JeGT"), Japan's largest e-motorsports tournament, which was born in September 2019, sponsored by NGM Corporation and Autobacs Seven Co.
The opening round, ROUND 01, was held on December 19 (Sat.) and 20 (Sun.), 2020, and not only motorsports fans but also e-sports fans were able to enjoy watching the high-level races.
The second round, " AUTOBACS JeGT GRAND PRIX 2020 Series ROUND 02 @ONLINE (ROUND 02)," will be held on January 9, 2021 (Saturday ).

「AUTOBACS JeGT GRAND PRIX 2020 Series」の初戦が開幕!富士と鈴鹿で名レースが繰り広げられる

"AUTOBACS JeGT GRAND PRIX 2020 Series ROUND 02 @ONLINE" is now open to the public.


In the previous ROUND 01, Tomoei Yamanaka won the "INDIVIDUAL MATCH" in the individual competition, and " D'Station Racing", to which Toshiya Nojima and Yusuke Tomibayashi belong, won the " TEAM BATTLE " in the team competition. Racing " won the "TEAM BATTLE".
The "INDIVIDUAL MATCH" will be recorded in advance, and the "TEAM BATTLE" will be available on YouTube from January 9, 2021 (Sat) and January 10, 2021 (Sun), respectively.
The competitors for ROUND 02 "INDIVIDUAL MATCH" are as follows.

116 Naoto Tsutsumiguchi Audi R18 2016 4pt
121 Yohkou Sato Audi R18 2016 0pt
149 Toshiki Oyu Audi R18 TDI 2011 0pt
170 Hiroki Nojo Audi R18 TDI 2011 2pt
177 Toshiya Nojima Dodge SRT Tomahawk VGT Gr.1 8pt
190 Kanade Kawakami Audi R18 2016 18pt
191 Tatsuya Sugawara Audi R18 2016 15pt
213 Netsuki Nabetani Audi R18 TDI 2011 6pt
283 Takaaki Furuhata Audi R18 TDI 2011 0pt
310 Shunsuke Ueki Audi R18 2016 2pt
330 Shotaro Ryu Peugeot 908 Hdi FAP - Team Peugeot Total 5pt
350 Shinya Shinkawa NISSAN GT-R LM Nismo 0pt
380 Ken Ota Audi R18 2016 7pt
384 Tomoei Yamanaka Audi R18 2016 30pt
403 Hiyuu Ikeuchi Audi R18 TDI 2011 1pt
404 Kazuya Miyabe Toyota TS050-Hybrid (Toyota Gazoo Racing) 0pt
423 Ryusei Shinohara Dodge SRT Tomahawk VGT Gr.1 0pt
437 Shoma Tsugai Mazda LM55 VGT (Gr.1) 0pt
501 Kyogo Ogita Audi R18 2016 1pt
555 Tatsuhiko Kato Audi R18 2016 12pt
571 Takuma Miyazono Audi R18 2016 21pt
610 Koji Jono Mazda VGT (Gr.1) 0pt
710 Soma Iseki Audi R18 2016 10pt
729 Natsuki Ota Porsche 919 Hybrid (Porsche Team) 0pt
917 Naoto Hoshino Audi R18 TDI 2011 0pt
920 Kotaro Matsunami Audi R18 2016 0pt
936 Kohki Furuya Audi R18 2016 2pt
999 Tadato Sasaki Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - Team Peugeot Total 0pt

The teams competing in the TEAM BATTLE are as follows

01 EVANGELION e-RACING Kazuki Osa / Takuya Otaki / Yoshiharu Imai Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 '12 15pt
7 WEB CARTOP RACING Natsuki Ota, Takaomi Ishida, Hirokuni Koshima Honda NSX Gr.3 0pt
10 Kochi Netz Toyota Minamikuni Ken Ota / Yasunaga Matsuzaka / Kenta Okazaki Lexus RC F GT3 (Emil Frey Racing) '17 0pt
11 KOSHIDO Jr. RACING Takuya Kitamura / Sosuke Yokoi Audi R8 LMS '15 1pt
12 KOSHIDO RACING Toshikane Sakuma / Kazuya Kashiwagura / Ryo Sohata Audi R8 LMS '15 3pt
18 TEAM UPGARAGE Toshiaki Suzuki / Masahiro Yoshihara / Kohei Wakita Honda NSX Gr.3 0pt
Naoto Hoshino / Tsutomu Numata / Yota Umeuchi Honda NSX Gr.3 0pt
35 NISSAN x TRUST Racing Shinya Shinkawa / Kyogo Ogita / Shunsuke Ueki Nissan GT-R GT3 Schulze Motorsport '13 4pt
54 TC CORSE Esports MAZDA Junpei Inaba / Tadato Sasaki / Ryota Kokubun Mazda MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT 12pt
55 ARTA Tatsuhiko Kato / Fumiki Oyu HONDA NSX Gr.3 6pt
87 HKS e-MotorSport Riou Ogata / Hiroaki Nakai Toyota FT-1 VGT (Gr.3) 18pt
90 WEB OPTION RACING Kazuya Miyabe/ Kazuki Fukada/ Kazuki Takahashi Nissan GT-R GT3 Schulze Motorsport '13 0pt
127 Beatrush by LAILE Tatsuya Sugawara / Mao Tabe / Universe Kamano Lexus RC-F GT3 '17 10pt
168 AKUA RACING With PAK Mamoru Okada / Jun Fuji / Tomoei Yamanaka Dodge Viper SRT GT3-R '15 0pt
280 Niwaka Games Kenta Shibata / Takumi Furukawa / Soma Iseki Lexus RC F GT3 '17 5pt
Takao Onishi / Mine Kawasaki Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 2pt
571 Team EMC x sti Yuichiro Matsumoto / Masahiro Uwabo / Takuma Miyazono Subaru WRX Gr3 8pt
777 D'station Racing Toshiya Nojima/Yusuke Tomibayashi Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 '12 25pt

In the "INDIVIDUAL MATCH," two drivers, including Ayumu Takita, who was the runner-up in the previous round 01, did not enter this round, while one new driver entered.
With Takita's absence, Yamanaka, the previous winner, will enter the race with a 9-pt lead overTakuma Miyazono, who is currently in 3rd place in the point ranking.
A top-3 finish will allow him to move on to Round 3 with his ranking lead intact, so he will probably have a big mental edge.
For more information on ROUND 02, please visit the official JeGT page.

JeGT CHALLENGERS" for drivers 17 years old and younger will be held at the same time.

JeGT CHALLENGERS Rd.2 -under17-
JeGT CHALLENGERS Rd.2 -under17-

In between the "INDIVIDUAL MATCH" of ROUND 02, the " JeGT CHALLENGERS Rd.2 -under17- " will also be held, in which drivers who are not professional drivers or JeGT certified drivers can compete.
In ROUND 01, the age requirement was 40 years old or older, but in this event, the age requirement is 17 years old or younger. Please check what kind of race it will be with your own eyes.
In addition, the next round of the "JeGT CHALLENGERS" will be held on January 30, 2021 (Saturday), and one of the criteria for participation is " female players.
Female players who are confident in their skills should take this opportunity to apply. For more information, please check the official Twitter account of JeGT.

The JeGT ROUND 02 will be shown on the official JeGT YouTube channel from 19:00 on January 9, 2021 (Sat).
For more information on JeGT, please visit the official JeGT page.


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Total prize money of 5 million yen! The largest e-motorsports tournament in Japan, "AUTOBACS JeGT GRANDPRIX 2020 Series"!
Total prize money of 5 million yen! The largest e-motorsports tournament in Japan, "A...

NGM which does planning and operation of a e sport announced that Autobacs Seven which manages car store largest company chain "automatic, back" etc.

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