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JBL renews "FAV gaming" sponsorship deal! Report on new uniforms and the background of contract renewal!

JBLが「FAV gaming」 スポンサーシップ契約を更新!新しいユニフォームや契約更新の背景なども報告!

JBL, one of the world's largest audio brands owned by Harman International, Inc., entered the gaming market last year, and its presence in the gaming industry has become more prominent.
JBL's gaming brand "JBL Quantum" series offers a wide range of products from entry-level models to flagship models, appealing to both light users and core users.
JBL has concluded a sponsorship agreement with FAV gaming, a professional gaming team run by KADOKAWA Game Linkage, Inc. The company announced the renewal of the sponsorship agreement for the fiscal years 2021~2022.

Report on the sponsorship at the new product preview

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Mr. Naoki Hamada, Product Manager, Product Marketing Department, Harman International, Inc. explained the sponsorship with "FAV gaming".

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The "JBL Quantum" series is used by the players of "FAV gaming" to support their performance.

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FAV gaming's GM Meguro and Okomechin, who is in charge of operations, took the stage for this special event.
As e-sports freaks may know, "FAV gaming" is operated by KADOKAWA Game Linkage, a Kadokawa Group company.
The company currently has 33 players, including four in the streamer division, and is home to some very influential members.

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We previously mentioned that the "JBL" was the one who proposed the sponsorship, and GM Meguro talked about the significance of the partnership with the "JBL".
The main points are as follows...

  • Sponsorship by a prestigious brand raises the prestige of the team.
  • eSports is a game of devices. First-rate products can improve the playing environment for players.

Therefore, the sponsorship (partnership) agreement with JBL has many advantages from the perspective of e-sports team management.
Therefore, the renewal of the contract with JBL is a natural result.

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The survey also showed the relative income of households and entertainment spending.
Considering that a household with an annual household income of 6.31 million yen spends 71,000 yen per year on PC-related devices, and that these devices are used for at least one year after purchase, a gaming headset priced around 30,000 yen seems well within the budget.

Uniforms also renewed!

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FAV gaming's new uniforms were announced at the same time as the renewal of the sponsorship contract.

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Mr. Okomechin of FAV gaming will be wearing the new uniforms.

Rebranded with a black design based on the "cherry blossom" motif of Tokorozawa Sakura Town, the base of FAV gaming activities.

The actual uniforms were on display, and upon checking them out, it was clear that they had a cool design that looked like dancing cherry blossoms.

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The "JBL" logo is displayed on the left shoulder.

FAV gaming and JBL Quantum continue to gain momentum.

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Various rankings of e-sports teams.
FAV gaming is a relatively new team, having only been in operation for about two years, but they are at the top of various rankings.

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We can expect great things from not only "FAV gaming" but also "JBL" in the future as they aim to become the No. 1 team in Japan, both in name and in reality.

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FAV gaming is also planning various collaborations with JBL through events and SNS.
The company is currently holding a "Sponsorship Campaign" with JBL on Twitter.

Why not apply for the campaign and prepare the audio environment that is essential for e-sports gaming with the "JBL Quantum" series?


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