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Battle-type illustration contest! VTuber group "HoloLive English" celebrates its 1st anniversary with "hololive English Art Battle" on pixiv!

バトル型イラストコンテスト!VTuberグループ「ホロライブEnglish」が1周年を記念し、pixiv にて「hololive English Art Battle」を開催!

hololiveEnglish " debuted on September 9, 2020 as a VTuver group for English-speaking countries from Cover KK, and has now exploded in popularity with 11 talents and over 10 million total channel subscribers.

On September 14, 2021, in commemoration of the first anniversary of "hololiveEnglish," Cover Inc. will hold an illustration contest "hololive English Art Battle" on pixiv, an illustration communication service operated by pixiv, Inc. In celebration of the first anniversary of " hololiveEnglish," Cover Inc.

A "battle-type illustration contest" that inflicts damage according to the total number of views.

hololive English Art BattlePRTIMES

The "hololive English Art Battle" is a battle-type illustration contest in which participants will try to defeat the "hololiveEnglish" members waiting for them at each stage by inflicting damage on them according to the total number of views of their submitted illustrations. The contestants will be the guardians of each stage.
The members who will appear as the guardians of each stage this time are "Mori Kariope," "Kiara Takanashi," "Ninomai Ina Seisu," "Gauru Gura," and "Watson Amelia. Watson Amelia" and complete all stages within the time period, all users will receive an electronic art book "hololive English x pixiv FAN ARTBOOK" featuring the best works of this project as a reward.

In addition, 10 works will be awarded as MVPs for each stage when the stage is cleared, and the works will be introduced on pixiv's official Twitter page.
In addition to the MVPs, there will also be member prizes selected by each member of "hololiveEnglish," and the prizes will include an acrylic block with the signature of each member!

Outline of the Project

hololive English Art Battle Project Overview
Event name hololive English Art Battle
Period September 13, 2021 (Monday) - October 31, 2021 (Sunday) 23:59
Website https://www.pixiv.net/contest/hololiveen
How to participate Please post your illustrations of the eligible members of this project on pixiv with the tag "hololiveENArt".
Eligible members hololive English -Myth
hololive English Project: HOPE
hololive English -Council-.
Omega Alpha


The number of views will be counted at midnight every day, and at 12:00 pm, enemies on the contest page will be damaged according to the total number of views.

The stage will be cleared when the enemy's HP is reduced to zero. If all the stages are cleared, all users will receive a "hololive English x pixiv FAN ARTBOOK," an electronic art book featuring the best works of this contest.

This is a special project to commemorate the first anniversary of "hololiveEnglish," so let's all participate!


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