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Gaming audio is actively deploying! I went to herman international new product preview which deals with the JBL brand!


Harman International, Inc., the world's largest audio manufacturer, held a preview of its new products for fall/winter 2020, including the JBLQuantum ONE, the brand's first gaming headset. Harman International Inc. held a preview of its new products for fall/winter 2020.
In addition to a presentation of business strategies, a touch & try corner was set up where visitors could freely touch and try the products of each brand sold by Harman International.
Funglr Games was also invited to this preview and was able to experience Harman International's pure audio products and pre-launch products!
Here is a look at the business strategy presentation given by Mr. Naoki Hamada, Product Manager of Harman International's Product Marketing Department, at the beginning of the event!

Business Strategy Presentation

Mr. Naoki Hamada, Product Manager, Product Marketing Department, Harman International Inc.
funglr Games

In May 2020, we launched JBL's first gaming headset, the "JBL Quantum" series.
We are entering the " gaming " genre, including e-sports, with a rich lineup that differs from the conventional lineup of headphones and earphones.
The current "JBL Quantum" series, including the "JBL Quantum ONE", are all overhead type, but the newly released " JBL Quantum 50" is a gaming earphone for cell phone users. Quantm 50 " for mobile phone users.

"JBL Pulse 4"が気になる・・・
I'm interested in the "JBL Pulse 4"...
funglr Games

The "JBL Quantum SOUND Sign ature" is used in the built-in 8.6mm driver to achieve a realistic and powerful sound.
These high-performance earphones reproduce powerful bass and even the subtle sounds that are important in gaming.
The microphone performance is also excellent and can be used for voice chatting as well as video conferencing.

JBL portable speakers lined up on the table
funglr Games

The JBL Quantum series has also signed a sponsorship agreement with the e-sports team " FAV gaming ".
Although it has only been a short time since the team was formed, they have achieved the world's top four in Clash Royale and second place in Rainbow Six Siege at the Japan Championships, so they have a lot of talent.
The JBL Quantum series is also a latecomer to the gaming device market, but we are confident in its performance.
Both teams are latecomers to the market, but both are capable challengers.

"JBL Pulse 4"に目を奪われる・・・
JBL Pulse 4" is a sight to behold...
funglr Games

Next, we looked at portable speakers, the largest category in JBL's portfolio.
JBL has been ranked number one in the portable speaker category in the "BCN Rankings," a ranking of PC and digital consumer electronics sales, for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020, and we are determined to become a leader in this category and to make the industry more active.
JBL has taken a speaker that could only be used at home and made it portable with a battery.
The compact " JBL GO " series, the larger " JBL Xtreme " series, and the " JBL Boombox " series are all waterproof and can be used in rivers, pools, and baths.
We offer a variety of options, including carabiner-compatible models and a wide range of color variations, for your enjoyment.

後ろにいる"JBL Pulse 4"の主張が激しい
The "JBL Pulse 4" in the back is very assertive.
funglr Games

Now is the time for individuals to communicate.
The " JBL Pulse " series of products, which match the needs of this age, are designed to " show off " not only the sound but also the light.
JBL's emphasis not only on sound but also on design has earned JBL fans outside of its home country of the United States, as evidenced by its selection for the IF Design Award in Europe.
The latest model, the " JBL Pulse 4," has been chosen even by those who have never been interested in JBL before.

The new "JBL GO3
funglr Games

Design is one of the keywords for JBL's upcoming products.
The design keywords that express JBL's character are "Powerful," "Friendly," "Exclusive," and "Pride.
JBL's luxury speakers are characterized by their large apertures, which are expressed in the ripple-like design around the speakers to give the user a sense of their power.
Other design features include a friendly design that allows users to use the speakers without having to read the instruction manual, and JBL-esque colors such as bright red and bright green, which remind customers of JBL's 70 years of history and pride.

アパレル小物のようなデザインの"JBL GO3"
JBL GO3" designed like an apparel accessory
funglr Games

Unlike the "JBL GO2," which used metal and plastic to create a "cool consumer electronics" look, the new "JBL GO3" has a " familiar, apparel-like" look with rounded edges and fabrics. The "JBL GO2" is a "familiarity like apparel" with rounded edges and fabrics.
The "JBL GO3" is not only waterproof but also dustproof. The design makes you want to take it anywhere, anytime, to the beach, gardening, etc.
We hope you will use it to enjoy music with your friends outdoors using streaming.

He also talked about the non-JBL brands that Harman International handles
funglr Games

Streaming music services surged in 2019, and the number of streaming plays increased 1.6 times from the previous year.
We also learned that 90% of the devices used to play music are mobile.
This indicates that there are still very few people who listen to music through external speakers, and we hope to convey the benefits of speakers to those who listen to music through earphones, headphones, or the speakers in their mobile devices.
In particular, we have seen a change in demand before and after the spread of the new coronavirus.
As people spend more time at home, more people listen to music while spending time with their families or in their private time, so we will propose our speakers to these people as well.

Check out the "JBL GO3" portable speaker before its release!

手のひらサイズでもパワフルな"JBL GO3"
Powerful "JBL GO3" in the palm of your hand
funglr Games

This is a summary of Mr. Hamada's presentation.
The venue where the presentation was held was filled with JBL's portable speakers lined up on the tables, so attractive that one might think, "I want to take at least one of these home with me! " and it was so attractive that I thought, "I want to take at least one of them home!

Mr. Hamada playing the "JBL GO3" in person.
funglr Games

Mr. Hamada played music and let us listen to the newly released "JBL GO3" to see what kind of sound quality it has. I was surprised at how powerful the sound was from such a compact body.
As mentioned in the presentation, the design is also really nice. It looks like it would be stylish even if you hung it on a backpack or something.
The thing that caught my attention the most was the "JBL Pulse 4," which was on full display during the presentation.
It was so bright and shiny that I couldn't help but insist to Mr. Hamada, "This is a gaming speaker! I could have spent hours looking at them one by one. If I were to look at them one by one, I would not have enough time to see all of them.

Please look forward to the second part of the tour, where we will enjoy the products that Harman International is proud of.
funglr Games

After the presentation, we will visit the touch & try corner, but we will bring you that later! Stay tuned!
For more information on JBL's product lineup and individual products, please visit the official JBL website!


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