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At the Happinet booth at TGS2022, many Minecraft and Roblox goods will be on display! Minecraft photo spots are also being set up!


Tokyo Game Show 2022 " (TGS2022) is being held from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
At the Happinet booth, a variety of " Minecraft " and " Roblox " goods, which are now very popular around the world, will be on display.
From standard items such as plush toys and figurines to premium new items, there will be plenty to see and do at this year's show!
Here is a report on the exhibition!


Minecraft goods

Cube Ball Chain Mascot
funglr Games
Ball Chain Mascot
funglr Games
Stuffed animal (four legs)
funglr Games
Stuffed Toy
funglr Games
収納スツール 4面モブ
Storage Stool 4-Sided Mob
funglr Games
収納スツール TNT
Storage stool TNT
funglr Games
Stuffed Toy (Basic)
funglr Games
Backpack Key Chain Series 1 and Series 2
funglr Games
funglr Games
playing cards
funglr Games
Glowing Ender Dragon *Exhibit for reference Scheduled to be released this winter
funglr Games

Fully made-to-order items on display!

プレミアムぬいぐるみ エンダーマン プレミアムぬいぐるみ クリーパー
Premium Plush Enderman (left)/Premium Plush Creeper (right)
funglr Games

Enderman is approximately 163 cm in length, and Creeper is approximately 80 cm in length, making them big-sized, premium plush toys.
It looks like it would make a great cuddle pillow. It looks so fluffy and comfy!

The plushies are made to order, so if you want one, don't forget to make a reservation!

Premium Plushie Enderman
Release date Scheduled for mid-December 2022
Suggested Retail Price 21,780 yen
Pre-order page https://www.happinetonline.com/ec/pro/disp/1/10912373
Premium Plushie Creeper
Release date Scheduled for mid-December, 2022
Suggested Retail Price 21,780 yen
Pre-order page https://www.happinetonline.com/ec/pro/disp/1/10912372

Roblox goods

ミステリーフィギュア シリーズⅡ
Mystery Figure Series II
funglr Games
マイクロブラインド プラッシュシリーズⅠ
Microblind Plush Series I
funglr Games

funglr Games
Core Figure
funglr Games

Minecraft photo spot is a landmark!

Photo Spot
funglr Games

The Happinet booth will be full of goodies again this year!
After enjoying the stage and playing the games, how about a quick snap at the Minecraft photo spot to commemorate the first offline TGS in 3 years?

For more information on the booth, check out Happinet 's TGS2022 special site, " Happinet Game Fest in TGS2022!


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Free to visitors! Charge into the Damned Monster Energy Booth if you have to go!
Free to visitors! Charge into the Damned Monster Energy Booth if you have to go!...

Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS 2022) will be held from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022. We, the editorial staff of funglr Games, were also at M

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