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"Gran Blue Fantasy" First Art Exhibition Held in Tokyo Midtown!

「グランブルーファンタジー」初の体験型アート展「GRANBLUE FANTASY×NAKED, INC. グラブルミュージアム 蒼の追想」が東京ミッドタウンで開催!

Cygames' popular social game " GRANBLUE FANTASY" (GBF)
The first interactive art exhibition of GBF, " GRANBLUE FANTASY x NAKED, INC. GBF Museum: Blue Reminiscence," will be held at Tokyo Midtown Hall from July 30, 2022 (Saturday).
This exhibition, the first attempt of its kind for GBF, will look back on the eight-year adventure of the artist through a total of 15 works of art and allow visitors to enjoy the world view of his works.
With only about three weeks to go until the exhibition opens, information on some of the areas of the art exhibition has been released!

Introduction of the "GBF Museum" area

NAKED Tsukubai®︎", NAKED's artwork for preventing infectious diseases


When you put your hand into the alcohol box at the entrance, alcohol for sterilization will come out and the crystals familiar from the game will float in your palm.
This is sure to be an exciting experience.
The world of "GBF" begins from the moment you enter this exhibition!

Prologue -Into the Blue

プロローグ -Into the Blue-グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

A notebook in which Luria dreams of her adventures appears through projection mapping and welcomes visitors.
This powerful work of art will heighten your anticipation for what is to come!

Reminiscence: Sky of Phantagrande

追想:空の旅と仲間達 -Sky of Phantagrande-グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

Featuring the main quest "The Girl in Blue," the memories of Phata Grande are fantastically depicted on a page that dances through space!

Reminiscence: People and their Tales

追想:空の人々、物語 -People and their Tales-グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

Luria's memories of her adventures, including the people she met and their tales, are projected one after another on the pages of her notebook.

Reminiscence: Will, Strength, and Ambition - "Marionette Stars

追想:空に集う意志 -Will,Strength, and Ambition-"Marionette Stars"グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

The scenario event "Marionette Stars" is featured.
Visitors can enjoy a replica of the "astrological weapon" that appears in the story, as well as a video presentation based on the theme of the "wishes" of the subscribers.

Reminiscence: Will, Strength, and Ambition - "Ten Devas" in the Sky

追想:空に集う意志-Will,Strength, and Ambition-"十天衆"グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

This area focuses on the "Ten Heavenly Generals," the strongest champions in the sky.
The costumes worn by the main characters of the "Ten Heavenly Generals" are on display, and the video presentation using the entire space is breathtaking!

Reminiscence: Will, Strength, and Ambition - "Ten Sages of Arkham

追想:空に集う意志 -Will,Strength, and Ambition-"アーカルムの十賢者"グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

This area features the "Ten Wise Men" who are hoping for a new arrival in the new world with their own agendas in mind.
Guided by the tarot cards that govern their destiny, the Ten Wise Men visit the Arkham's star-crystal beasts and their contractors.

Recollect the Moon

追想:空と月 -Recollect the Moon-グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

Featuring the "STAY MOON" scenario event, this area recreates the fierce battle between the sky world and the "moon.
Touching the sigil floating in the air will reveal information about the members of the "Organization" and the top secret mission.

Recollect the Moon: "Kishin Sethraka" (Recollect the Moon)

追想:空と月 -Recollect the Moon-"機神・セスラカ"グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

A 3.5-meter-long giant standing statue of Sethraka, the god of machines, is on display, with every detail and light-emitting part elaborately reproduced.
The statue is so elaborately reproduced that it looks as if it could start moving at any moment.
This is the first appearance of this giant standing statue of Sethraka, the god of machines!

Recollect the Moon: Sky and Moon - ""Organization"" poster mapping

追想:空と月 -Recollect the Moon- ""組織"描き下ろしポスターマッピング"グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

Illustrations of "Organization" members drawn especially for the GBF Museum will be presented using a new poster mapping technology!
You can enjoy a special presentation that goes beyond the "illustrations".

Reminiscence: His Revival, His Revenge - "The Temple of Canaan

追想:空を見守る翼-His Revival, His Revenge-"カナンの神殿"グランブルファンタジー公式サイト

The "Why is the sky blue?" series of "GBF" events are featured.
The "Temple of Canaan" has been meticulously recreated, and special illustrations related to the event will be available.

Reminiscence: His Revival, His Revenge "000" 4DX Special Theater "000" 4DX Special Theater

追想:空を見守る翼-His Revival, His Revenge-"000"4DX特別シアターグランブルファンタジー公式サイト

This is a 4DX ride action that allows visitors to experience the fierce battles of the characters from the popular "GBF" event "000 - Why the Sky is Blue Part III".
This is the highlight of the exhibition, so come and experience it for yourself!

"MIDTOWN SUMMER 2022 ASHIMIZU" x "GBF Museum: Ao no Kisou


A collaborative event with Midtown Garden in Tokyo Midtown will also be held.
The theme of the event is "Ao" (blue), including the sky and the sea, and will include an exhibition of "GBF" background art, a " GBF Museum Ao no Chisou" clear fan for the first 10,000 visitors, and the "NAKED Distance Lanterns" and "Ao no Chisou" participatory art. NAKED Distance Lanterns GBF ver. ", a collaboration between NAKED Distance Lanterns & quot;and "GBF", will also be available for free rental.
At night, ASHIMIZU will be illuminated, and visitors can enjoy the "blue" creek with their eyes and skin.
During the exhibition period, a special campaign with about 40 stores in Tokyo Midtown will also be held.
Show your ticket stub or a checkered photo taken at the venue to receive a discount on shopping and dining, and receive a " Tokyo Midtown limited edition illustration card " with a purchase of 1,000 yen (tax included) or more!
Please note that the illustration cards as well as the uchiwa fans will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you visit the venue, why not enjoy the "Midtown Summer 2022 ASHIMIZU" x "GBF Museum: Ao no Kisou" experience!

Outline of "MIDTOWN SUMMER 2022 ASHIMIZU" x "GBF Museum Ao no Kisou
Period July 27 (Wed) - August 28 (Sun), 2022 *Canceled in case of rain or stormy weather *Closed every Tuesday
Hours 14:00 - 20:00
Place Midtown Garden
Admission Free (towels available for purchase/100 yen per towel (tax included))
Number of seats About 50 seats (first-come-first-served basis)

GBF Museum Ao no Kisou will open on July 30!

GBF Museum Ao no Kisou " will be held at Tokyo Midtown Hall from July 30, 2022 (Sat) to August 28, 2022 (Sun)!
Tickets for admission will be on sale to the general public from Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 12:00 pm.
If the number of tickets sold through preorders or general sales reaches the limit, no tickets will be sold on the day of the event, so be sure to apply for tickets in advance!
Tickets for this event will be sold by date and time of admission, so don't forget to check the schedule.
Also, you will be able to get the "Reminiscence Crystal," an item that can be used in the game, as a bonus for coming to the event, and original goods will be available at the event!
This will be the first hands-on art exhibition at GBF, so why don't you come and enjoy the world of GBF!
For more information on the "GRANBLUE FANTASY x NAKED, INC. GBF Museum Ao-no-Okoso" hands-on art exhibition, please visit the official GRANBLUE FANTASY website or the GBF Museum Ao-no-Okoso ticket website.

GBF Museum Ao no Kisou" (GBF Museum: Blue Reminiscence)
Period Saturday, July 30, 2022 - Sunday, August 28, 2022
Opening Hours 10:00 - 21:00 (last admission 20:00)
Location Midtown Garden


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