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Held online this year! "Grable Festival 2020" & "Grable Night Party" will be held this weekend!


Cygames presents " Granblue Fantasy" (GBF), an authentic smartphone RPG!
The main game, as well as anime, novels, manga, and other media mixes, have been extremely successful, and the action RPG " Granblue Fantasy Versus," currently on sale on PS4, is also very popular. quot; " and the popularity of the series as a whole continues to grow.
The " Smell of Causality, the Sky at the End of the Line" collaboration event with the social phenomenon "Demon Slayer" is currently being held at GBF, and the annual real event " GBF Fest " will be held this year as well!
This year, all programs will be held online with no audience!

グラブル × 鬼滅の刃コラボイベント「因果の匂い、果ての空」の詳細発表!

2 Days Online!

GBF Fes 2020

This year's "GBF Fest 2020" will be held on December 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun), 2020.
In consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, all programs will be held without spectators and online, but the excitement of each year's event will be maintained with the same great performers, and there will be live broadcasts with new information, gift giving, and many other highlights, as well as a " Grand Blue Fantasy to date " & " Grand Blue Fantasy to date. quot; GBF Q& A" and other GBF Fest staples will be available online wherever you are!

In addition, there will be " Stella Magna Special Live in GBF Fes 2020 ", " GBF Fes Special Character Live " where characters sing and dance, and a special show to close the GBF Fes, " GBFFes 2020 Special Show Ao no Kiseki -The Stars of the Sky- " and other popular GBF Fes contents will also be available!
This will be a new GBF Festival that takes full advantage of the camera work and sound that only an online festival can offer.
GBF Fest 2020 will be streamed for free on YouTube and Periscope, starting at 13:00 on Saturday, December 12, Day 1, and at 14:00 on Sunday, December 13, Day 2!
And the satellite stage "YURUTTO! Guraburu Satellite Channel! will be broadcasted from 19:15 on Saturday, December 12 to 2:00 on Sunday, December 13, so set your reminder and wait for the broadcast!
For more details, timetable, and performers, please check the official website of "GBF Fest 2020"!

GBF Fes 2020] Day 1 Live Broadcast

GBF Fes 2020] Live Broadcast of Day 2

GBF Fes 2020] Loose! Guraburu Satellite Channel!

Special Live "GBF Night Party" will be held!

GBF Night Party

From 9:00 p.m. on the night of DAY 1 of "GBF Fes 2020," a special live performance " GBF Night Party " will be held online, featuring live singing by a cast of gorgeous performers!
In addition to the splendid voice actors, the king of ani-song, Ichiro Mizuki, will be invited to deliver a frenzied live performance.

GBF Night Party" will be streamed on the e-plus streaming service "Streaming+" for a fee.
Tickets are 3,000 yen (tax included), and you will need to register as an e-plus member (free of charge ) to purchase and watch the event.
Also, there are some precautions regarding viewing speed, so be sure to check the details on the E-Plus " GBF Night Party " page before applying!
Even if you have difficulty watching in real time, you can still watch until 23:59 on December 13 (Sun.), 2020, but please note that tickets for viewing are only available until 21:29 on December 13 (Sun.), 2020!
Join us this year from the comfort of your own homes for a hot live performance by a live band!

GBF Fest merchandise will also be on sale on the day!

As "GBF Fest 2020" will be held online, festival goods will be sold through mail order!
The dedicated shopping site will open at 13:00 on Saturday, December 12, 2020, the first day of GBF Fes 2020, with a variety of goods scheduled to go on sale!
Online shopping tends to make me buy too much, so I have to be careful not to spend too much.
The dedicated shopping site will be updated during the DAY 1 broadcast, on the official "GBF Fest 2020" website, and on the official Granblue Fantasy Twitter feed, so be sure to check it out!
To fully enjoy this weekend's "GBF Fes 2020", make sure you take good care of yourself from now on!


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