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Grabl VS Official Online Competition "GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Winter" Airs Saturday, November 27 at 6:30 p.m.!

グラブルVS公式オンライン大会 「GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Winter」11月27日(土)18:30より放送!

To all of you who have been playing "Grand Blue Fantasy" day and night, how is your progress now that we are approaching the third day of the main battle of the tournament?
I don't think there has ever been a day, before or since, when there has been so much hate for the mammoths. Even in my own group, sister Narumea is in full attendance.

Now, the original GBF for smartphones is gearing up for the year-end GRAFES (GBF Fest 2021), but let's not forget about " Granblue Fantasy V ersus" (GBVS), a competitive action RPG for PlayStation 4! We can't forget about it!
Tomorrow, November 27th (Saturday) at 18:30, the official online tournament " GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Winter " will be broadcast!

GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Winter" will start at 18:30 on Saturday, November 27th!

GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Winter" is a one-day online tournament that anyone can easily participate in.
Entry for this tournament has already been closed.

The first "GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Summer" attracted a large number of participants, and the competition was hotly contested!
What kind of fierce battles will unfold in this year's tournament?
Even if you don't usually play GBVS, why don't you watch it on the last day of the main tournament?

The "lost" horse is here! Lobby avatar "Gold Ship" is now available for free!

GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Winterグランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス 公式Twitter

To commemorate the "GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Winter," a free DLC of the "Gold Ship" lobby av atar, which can be used in the GBVS game, has been available since 11/24 (Wed.)!
The "Gold Ship" from Cygames' popular game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby," which was the number one hit game of the year, is now collaborating with the GBVS!
It is still fresh in our minds that Goldship and Belial appeared together on the " Cygames Special Stamp " that was released on the LINE STORE a while ago, which became a hot topic.
Even though her appearance is so unconventional, we can't help but think "well, she's Golshi, so ......", which is the charm of her.

This DLC is available as a free download from the PlayStation Store andSteam! Enjoy the adorable free-spirited Goldship!

What do you know about the new additional DLC?

Around August, when the last GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Summer tournament was held, it was announced that a new DLC character "Veela" would be released in December 2021.
Since then, no new information has been announced at this time, and many people are anxiously awaiting the release of the new DLC character.
We look forward to the announcement of the new season's character paths, including Veera's, to coincide with tomorrow's delivery!

For more information on the tournament, please check the GBVS Cygames Cup official website and official Twitter, and for other game information, please visit the GBVS official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

64920グラブルVS公式オンライン大会 「GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Winter」11月27日(土)18:30より放送!
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