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Game Career Camp #2," a featured roundtable discussion by engineers from four game companies, will be held on November 12!


Game Career Camp, an online seminar for students interested in working in the game industry, is a joint event held by five game companies: Koei Tecmo Holdings, Square Enix, SEGA & quot;, NAMCO BANDAI STUDIO, and From Software. The event is a joint event by five game companies: Koei Tecmo Holdings, Square Enix, SEGA & quot; NAMCO BANDAI STUDIO, Inc. and FromSoftware. This event will be held three times in total, and the second event will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2022!


Game Career Camp #2" will be held!


Game Career Camp #2," the second Game Career Camp, will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2022. engineers from the four companies will gather to discuss their career paths, job satisfaction, and the differences in working styles at each of the four companies. The details of the "Game Career Camp #2" event are as follows.

  • What is an engineer in the game industry? (Introduction of game programming, graphics, server-side, and other engineering jobs in the game industry, and the characteristics of each company)
  • Panel Talks (Panelists will discuss what kind of person is required for an engineering position in the game industry)
  • Q&A Corner (engineers will answer your questions)

The day's roundtable discussion will be packed with information that students preparing for job hunting next year and beyond will want to hear, such as what the company looks for when hiring new graduates, so why not attend?


Koshi Aoyama, Square Enix Co.

Producer of "Dragon Quest X Online". Joined Square in March 1999. After working in charge of patents related to technology, he served as the director of "PlayOnline" before joining the "Dragon Quest X Online" team. He has been in charge of technical director from the beginning of development, and is currently a producer.


Tomoaki Nakamura, SEGA Corporation

Program Section Manager, 3rd Program Section, 1st Development Department 3, 1st Division, Game Contents & Service Business Headquarters, SEGA Corporation. Program Section Manager, Yakuza Studio. Joined the company in 2003 as a new graduate. He has been involved in the development of all series from "Yakuza 1" to "Yakuza 7" as a programmer. He is mainly in charge of battle action control and character animation control. Recently, he has been working as the battle action control chief for "Yakuza 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness" and the main programmer for "Lost Judgment: Unforgivable Memories".


Kazushi Ueda, NAMCO BANDAI Studios Inc.

Mr. Ueda joined NAMCO CORPORATION (currently NAMCO BANDAI ENTERTAINMENT INC.) in 1997. Since the start of "Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS." for commercial use, he has been mainly engaged in the development of products for commercial use in the VSTG Project. Since 2018, he has also been managing a team of engineers.


Tetsuya Yamamoto, FromSoftware, Inc.

Tetsuya Yamamoto joined FromSoftware in April 2006 as a new graduate. Since then, he has been involved in in-house tool and library development, environment construction, and improvement. The most recent title he was involved in was "ELDEN RING".


Registration is open until Friday, November 11, 2022!

Applications for "Game Career Camp #2" will be accepted until 12:00 p.m. on Friday, November 11, 2022, and are open to students and educational institutions who are interested in becoming engineers in the game industry. Students are not required to be in any grade or major, so if you are interested in working in the game industry, keep entering! You can apply for participation from the official LuGa website, so if you are interested in working in the game industry, please apply and listen to the stories of engineers working on the front lines of the game industry to help you in your job hunting activities and in the future!

If you have any questions for the participating companies or speakers, tweet them with the hashtag " #Game Career Camp " and they may be used as reference for the panel talk themes during the roundtable discussion, or be included in the Q&A corner! This is a unique opportunity to ask your questions with the hashtag "#Gaming Career Camp"! For more information about "Game Career Camp #2", please check the official LuGa website.


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