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"EVO Japan 2020" SNK booth exhibition decision! Fighting game tournament held at the booth & "Samurai Spirits Neo Geo Collection" first trial!

「EVO Japan 2020」SNKブース出展決定!ブースで格闘ゲーム大会開催&「サムライスピリッツ ネオジオコレクション」初試遊も!

This article has not yet been translated, so only the title & description and some of the text has been automatically translated.

It was announced that corporation SNK submits the booth to a fight game meeting of the Japanese maximum level "EVO Japan 2020". A game meeting and shiyuu in SAMUSUPI of community sponsorship.

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7772「EVO Japan 2020」SNKブース出展決定!ブースで格闘ゲーム大会開催&「サムライスピリッツ ネオジオコレクション」初試遊も!
"NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro" Additional Information Announced! Specifications and recording titles are revealed!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.