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"SSB SP" is added to the tournament title of "EVO Japan 2020"!

「EVO Japan 2020」のトーナメントタイトルに「スマブラSP」が追加決定!

EVO Japan 2020" is scheduled to be held at Makuhari Messe from January 24 to 26, 2020.
At the same time as the announcement of the event, it was announced that three tournament titles, "BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE," "SOULCALIBUR VI," and "Tekken 7," had been selected, and in September, "SAMURAI SPIRITS" was added in September.
Now, the long-awaited "Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL" has been officially confirmed as an additional tournament title.

2020年は幕張メッセ!EVO Japan 2020開催決定!

Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL" was not selected as a tournament title at EVO Japan 2019 held in January this year due to "lack of publisher approval.
As the title had the largest number of participants at EVO 2019 held in Los Angeles in August, many players were looking forward to seeing it selected as a tournament title at EVO Japan 2020, so the official announcement this time must have been great news for them. This announcement must have been great news for many players.
The number of participants in EVO Japan 2020 is expected to increase dramatically.

Confirmation of regulations

Along with the official announcement of "Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL," the regulations have also been announced.
For details on the regulations, please check the official EVO Japan 2020 website, but we have discovered that one sentence is missing.
It doesn't say that the use of the word "hero" is prohibited.

Since the banning of Terry Bogart and the heroes was recently announced at the "Championnat de France Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2019", an official Nintendo tournament organized by Nintendo France, it seems likely that other e-sports tournaments will also ban the use of the heroes. If all goes according to plan, the ban will be lifted in January 2020.
If all goes as planned, Terry Bogart will be available in January 2020, and we look forward to seeing how the character balance will be.

Nintendo France主催のスマブラSP大会でテリー(餓狼伝説)と勇者(ドラクエ)が使用禁止に

Entries are now being accepted.

Entries for EVO Japan 2020, including "Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL," are now being accepted on the official EVO Japan 2020 website.
Those who wish to participate should make sure to read and agree to the rules, precautions and regulations before submitting their entry.

At this point, five titles have been announced for the tournament, but will there be any additional announcements? What will happen to "Dragon Ball FighterZ", which was not selected for EVO Japan 2019 for both "Super Smash Bros.


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43320「EVO Japan 2020」のトーナメントタイトルに「スマブラSP」が追加決定!
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Nintendo Switch
Nintendo France-sponsored SSB SP tournament bans Terry and Hero (Dragon Quest)
Nintendo France-sponsored SSB SP tournament bans Terry and Hero (Dragon Quest)...

Prohibited of Terry and a brave man was announced at the Nintendo formal meeting of Nintendo France sponsorship "Championnat de France Super Smash Bros. Ul

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