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"Puyo Puyo" esports experience event "esports Odawara no Jin" will be held in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture!


Odawara City in Kanagawa Prefecture has announced the " e-Sports Odawara no Jin," an e-sports event for Puyopuyo.
At the "eSports Odawara no Jin," participants will be able to enjoy Puyo Puyo competition mode.

e-Sports Odawara no Jin

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eSports Odawara - Puyopuyo Trial Event - Flyer
eスポーツ小田原の陣 ーぷよぷよ体験会ー
Outline of the e-sports event
Date and time February 11, 2022 (Friday, holiday)
Location Odawara San-no-maru Hall Exhibition Room
Time 10:00-16:00
Contents Anyone can participate in the free trial and
Exhibition with talk show and play by professional e-sports players
Participating players Puyopuyo" professional gamer "live
Cost Free of charge

Limited sticker present

Those who participate in the event and answer a questionnaire will receive a sticker featuring the Odawara City character Umemaru and Puyopuyo.

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Collaboration sticker of Umemaru and Puyopuyo
eスポーツ小田原の陣 ーぷよぷよ体験会ー


10:00 - 11:20 Free Trial (1st session)
11:30-12:10 Exhibition (1st round)
12:10-13:20 Free Trial (2nd)
13:30~14:10 Exhibition (2nd)
14:10-15:00 Free Trial (3rd)
15:00-15:40 Exhibition (3rd)
15:40~16:00 Free Trial (4th)

Talk show & exhibition play by professional e-sports player live

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Professional e-sports player live
eスポーツ小田原の陣 ーぷよぷよ体験会ー

Talk show by professional e-sports player "live" and exhibition play of "Puyopuyo" will be held.

Professional e-sports player "live

Known as the "Supreme King". He is a JeSU-approved licensed professional Puyopuyo gamer.
He has an impressive presence at official tournaments in which players holding a Puyopuyo Pro License participate.
He has won many championships with his overwhelming strength in competitions.

eスポーツ小田原の陣 ーぷよぷよ体験会ー

His main achievements are as follows

  • AnimEVO 2018-2019 Puyopuyo Swap division 2 consecutive championships
  • Stunfest 2019 Puyopuyo Tournament Winner
  • Iki Iki Ibaraki Yume Kokutai National eSports Championship Puyopuyo Division 3rd place
  • 2016 Sega Fest Puyopuyo Strongest Player Championship Winner

Fuuma Ninja Show to be held

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Fuuma Ninja Show
eスポーツ小田原の陣 ーぷよぷよ体験会ー

The "Fuuma Ninja Show," which was held from October to December 2021, will be held at the same time.
The show is based on the motif of the Fuuma Ninja, who are said to have supported the Odawara Hojo clan during the Warring States period. The show is full of entertainment, including cool sword fighting, acrobatics, and laughter.

Date and Time February 11, 2022 (Friday, holiday)
Place Odawara City Tourism Exchange Center Nigiwai Plaza
Time 1st session 11:00-11:30
2nd session 13:00-13:30
Contents Ninja Show
Ninja Team Yoneyama-ryu Killing Style

Yoneyama-ryu Killing Style

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Yoneyama-style Killing Style
eスポーツ小田原の陣 ーぷよぷよ体験会ー

The group is represented by Yuki Yoneyama, a Ninjitsu master. Based on aikido, the team performs a deadly battle formation that is designed to maximize one's strength with minimal movement and no unnecessary force.

For more information on Yoneyama-style sword fighting, please visit the official website.


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