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Let's experience the event "eo Hikari Presents Esports" where you can also play against professional players! ! "Held!

プロ選手と対戦もできちゃうイベント「eo光 Presents eスポーツを体験しよう!!」開催!

Anyone can participate in the world of e-sports, but the most prominent figures are the professional e-sports players with their superb play.
The editorial staff of funglr Games is fortunate to have many opportunities to see them play up close and personal, and to be honest, we are often struck by the level of play that we cannot understand what is going on.
The " eo Hikari Presents eSports Experience " event, where you can watch professional eSports players play up close and personal, and even play against them! will be held in Osaka!

Pros of popular titles will gather!

eo光 Presents eスポーツを体験しよう!!
eo Hikari Presents e-Sports Experience!

At "eo Hikari Presents eSports Experience! At "eSports Presents: Let's Experience eSports!", you will be able to watch high-level matches between professional players using popular eSports titles such as "Tekken 7", "Puyo Puyo eSports", and "Taiko Drum Master" up close, and visitors can also play against professional players at the eSports event. The event will also allow visitors to experience e-sports by playing against professional players.

On the day of the event, " CYCLOPS athlete gaming " member Dogura will be on hand to talk about his experiences in e-sports.

Dogura player


Tanukana player

Haru~n, a member of " Irohani-Popeto Samurai Gaming " and winner of the "4th Tenkaichi Ondee Festival, Taiko Drum Master Division, National Summit Battle


Mackie, a JeSU-certified licensed professional gamer and the winner of the "National Prefectural eSports Championship 2019 IBARAKI Puyopuyo eSports Division".


will be participating in the event, so you can experience top-class divine play!

At the event, there will be test stands where you can play "Tekken 7," "Puyo Puyo eSports," and "Taiko Drum Master," so even those who are new to eSports can feel free to participate, and there will also be a raffle with gorgeous pri zes.

The event will be held this weekend!

"eo Hikari Presents eSports Experience! will be held on February 22 (Sat) and 23 (Sun), 2020.
The venue is LaLaport Izumi in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture!
Admission is free, so anyone can feel free to participate.
We hope to see a wide range of participants, from those who are interested in e-sports to those who are wondering "What is e-sports? We hope to see you there!

"eo Hikari Presents: Experience e-sports! Outline of "e-sports
Date and Time February 22 (Sat) 10:00-19:00, February 23 (Sun) 10:00-19:00
Location LaLaport Izumi 2F Center Court (4-4-7 Ayumino, Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture)
Venue URL https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/lalaport/izumi/
Admission Free of charge
Cooperation eSports Connect, Inc.
Game titles Tekken 7, Puyo Puyo eSports, Taiko Drum Master
(both on stage event and at the playground)


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