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Yuya Tekoshi and Moe Iori will guest appear in valorant invitation-only tournament "EDION VALORANT CUP"

VALORANT招待制大会「EDION VALORANT CUP」に手越祐也さんや伊織もえさんらがゲスト出演決定

EDION VALORANT CUP ", an invitation-only tournament sponsored by RIZeST Corporation, an e-sports entertainment company, and EDION Corporation, will be held from October 2, 2020 (Friday) to October 4, 2020 (Sunday). The "EDION VALORANT CUP" will be held from October 2 (Friday) to October 4 (Sunday), 2020, as previously reported on funglr Games.
It has been announced that Yuya Tegoshi and Moe Iori will appear as special guests at the "EDION VALORANT CUP"!

スター選手が集結!今最も熱いFPSゲーム「VALORANT」の招待制オフライン大会「EDION VALORANT CUP」10月2日から開催!

Gorgeous Guests to Appear!

The "EDION VALORANT CUP" will be a three-day, non-participating offline tournament to be held at a studio in Tokyo from October 2 (Fri.) to October 4 (Sun.), 2020.


The special guest for the day will be Yuya Tegoshi, a well-known video game enthusiast, and the interviewer will be Moe Iori, a well-known video game enthusiast who is also active in a wide range of fields, including cosplay and gravure.
The live commentary will be provided by Taiga Kishi, Shohei Taguchi, abara, yukishiro, Munky Kong Nishizawa, Lillebelt, and Jaeger, all of whom are indispensable to the e-sports scene. The pairings will change on each day of the event, and the matches will be played live.
The six elite teams invited to participate in the tournament are looking forward to the heated matches, but there are also plans to broadcast content featuring guests and play-by-play commentators, so even those who have never played before will be able to enjoy the event.

The official song of the tournament will be "CAN YOU HEAR ME" by "SHALLOW SIDE.


SHALLOW SIDE is a US-based rock band formed in 2012.
"CAN YOU HEAR ME" is a popular song from their album "ORIGINS" and will be a cool addition to the "EDION VALORANT CUP".

Comment from Yuya Tegoshi

Yuya Tegoshi

My name is Yuya Tegoshi!
I'm really happy to have been asked to talk about a title that's been popular lately!
As someone who loves games, it's great to be asked to be a guest!
The rules and recoil, etc. are different from the FPS games I usually play, so I'm going to do my best to make the best of the game while learning as I go!


Comment from Moe Iori

iori moe (var. of Japanese plum pine)

VALORANT is a game that has many wonderful aspects, such as fairness, precision, and design, that make me think that eSports is a cool thing.
I have been looking forward to playing this game since the beta, and I am very happy to be able to work on it.
Basically, I only play in the wild, so I'm looking forward to learning about teamwork strategies and cheering for the players in this tournament.


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Please look forward to the contents with guests!

EDION VALORANT CUP" will be held offline with no audience, but the competition will be broadcasted.
The streaming time and platforms will be announced at a later date, so be sure to watch the heated matches between Japan's top-class VALORANTs.
The contents of the event, which will be hosted by a splendid lineup of guests, will also be announced at a later date, so please check the official website of the "EDION VALORANT CUP" for more details and updates.


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