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"Dragon Quest Dai's Great Adventure Exhibition" - The Trajectory of the Brave to the Final Showdown - "Original Manga" and "Anime Video" can be enjoyed at the same time will be held in Ikebukuro on August 11th!

「原作漫画」と「アニメ映像」が同時に楽しめる「ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険展」〜勇者の軌跡いざ最終決戦へ〜が池袋にて8月11日に開催!

Dragon Quest Dai no Daiboken" ("Dai no Daiboken") was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1989 as the first long-term manga series based on the nationally popular role-playing game "Dragon Quest" series.
After 30 years since its serialization, the series has finally reached its climax in October 2020 as a completely new anime series, and both readers of the original manga and viewers who started watching the anime must be looking forward to the weekend broadcasts with excitement.
In the midst of all this, the "Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken" exhibition, where you can enjoy the original manga and anime at the same time, will be held in Ikebukuro from August 11, 2022 (Thursday, national holiday)!

Tickets with acrylic stands are now on sale!

ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険展
Dragon Quest: Dai no Tai no Boken" Exhibition - Trail of the Brave - The Final Battle

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daiboken" Exhibition - Trails of the Brave Ones - will be held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo from August 11, 2022 (Thursday, national holiday) to August 11, 2022 (Thursday, national holiday). (Thursday, national holiday) to August 28 (Sunday), 2022, at the 2nd floor of the Sunshine City Cultural Hall Building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo!
Also, there will be a variety of "Dai no Daiboken" goods for pre-sale at the event!
A limited number (3,000) ofadvance tickets with a special acrylic stand featuring an original illustration by Mr. Inada will also be available for purchase!

Admission Fee

  • Advance Adult: 1,800 yen (tax included) / At the door Adult: 2,000 yen (tax included)
  • Advance Child: 1,000 yen (tax included) / At the door Child: 1,200 yen (tax included)
  • Advance Adult (with goods): 3,800 yen (tax included)
  • Advance Child (with goods): 3,000 yen (tax included)

Tickets are now on sale at the official AssoView website!
Time- and date-specific tickets by 30-minute increments allow you to enjoy the show with less congestion!
As for the contents of the exhibition and the goods that will be sold in advance, they are currently " COMING SOON ", so please check the official Twitter (@DQ_DAI_anime ) of Dai no Da iboken anime and the official website of Dai no Daiboken exhibition and wait!


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