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Japan's largest PUBG community "DONCUP" approved by PUBG JAPAN

日本最大級のPUBGコミュニティ「DONCUP」がPUBG JAPAN 公認化

Third Wave Inc., which operates the PC specialty store "dospara" and the digital goods brand "Shanghai Inquirer," has been supporting Japan's largest PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (hereafter PUBG) community "DONCUP" for some time. DONCUP", the largest PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) community in Japan, has been certified as an official community by PUBG JAPAN.

What is DONCUP?

DONCUP" is a PUBG community event held regularly in Japan, and has held many online and offline events in the two years since it started.

The comment from "DONCUP" about the officialization can be found on the DONKATSU CUP PORTAL.

DONCUP Invitational#2" to be held

In conjunction with the announcement of the official recognition, "DONCUP" management announced the holding of the "DONCUP Invitational#2," the first online event to be held as an official PUBG JAPAN community.

Third Wave Co., Ltd. will also support the event by donating a total of 50,000 DOSPARRA points as prizes.

Third Wave will continue to support PC game lovers and the community through its gaming PC brand "GALLERIA GAMEMASTER" in order to expand the base of PC game players.

DONCUP Invitational#2 Overview

DONCUP Invitational#2

Organizers DONCUP Management and DONCUP Executive Committee
General Quota Contest (SOLO) Sunday, April 14, 2019, 19:30 ~
General Quota Contest (DUO) Sunday, April 21, 2019, 19:30 ~
Final Round Sunday, April 28, 2019, 19:00 ~

For registration and event details, please visit DONKATSU CUP PORTAL.

About Third Wave Co.

Third Wave Co., Ltd. operates the PC specialty store "dospara", the digital goods brand "Shanghai Inquirer", and designs and manufactures domestically produced PC brands such as the high-end gaming PC "GALLERIA", the PC for creators "raytrek", and the general-purpose PC "Diginnos". We also plan and manufacture domestically produced PC brands such as "GALLERIA", "raytrek", and "Diginnos".

In addition, the company is an IT company that operates the "GALLERIA GAMEMASTER CUP", an e-sports tournament that connects to the world, and the "National High School e-Sports Championship", which is held to promote e-sports as a new culture.

Third Wave Inc. http://info. twave.co.jp/
GALLERIA https://www.dospara.co.jp/5gamepc/
DOSPALA https://www.dospara.co.jp/


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