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18 V offices clash! "D.N.A JAM ~The strongest VTuber office decision match~ will be delivered on July 23 (Sat)! The VSinger team consisting of Kashibana, Tama Kuen, and Rinsaki also participated!

18のV事務所が激突!「D.N.A JAM Vol.1 最強V事務所決定戦」が7月23日(土)に配信決定!柾花音、久遠たま、凛々咲によるVSingerチームも参戦!

CHET Group, an IP developer with the concept of "Creativity x Technology", will hold the " D.N.A JAM Vol.1: The Strongest VTuber Office Competition", a custom tournament for the popular Battlow FPS "Apex Legends". The guest team will be the popular VSubers.
As a guest team, the " VSinger Team " consisting of three very popular VSingers, Ms. Kanon Masa, Ms. Tama Kudo, and Ms. Rin Rinzaki, will also participate in the event.

A competition to determine the strongest VTuber office!

D.N.A JAM Vol.1 最強VTuber事務所決定戦
D.N.A JAM Vol. 1: The Strongest VTuber Office Competition

D.N.A JAM is an e-sports gaming competition that aims to discover a new generation of stars who will lead the future distribution scene from the soil of the game distribution culture by VTubers, and to contribute to the further growth of the gaming culture.

In the inaugural Vol. 1, popular VTubers such as Rei Bounen(@tmgnrei) from ZERO Project, Sora Mizuhane (@MizuhaneSora) from ProPro Production, and Teiru Momoneko(@ThiL__ ) from Tsuikas100V will represent their The strongest VTuber office in "Apex Legends" will be decided by representing their office/group.
The participating offices are as follows

Participating Firms

  • Zooo!
  • ProPro Production
  • Mahoroba
  • ZERO Project
  • Raito Up
  • V Maison
  • Tweak 100V
  • Airy Production
  • Nanahappi & Buihappi
  • Electronic Fairy Project
  • Yuno Productions

Guest teams of VSinger will participate!

Ms. Kanon Masaoka, Ms. Tama Kudo, Ms. Rinzaki Rinzaki

The " VSinger Team " consisting of three popular VSingers, Kanon Masa(@kanon_db), Tama Kuon(@quon01tama), and Ririsya(@Ririsya_music), will also be participating as a guest team!

Streamers from Meteor will also participate as bonus characters!

お邪魔ボーナスキャラD.N.A JAM公式Twitter

A " Disturbance Bonus" team will be formed by 3 of the best streamers from Apex Pro Team Meteor: myjp(@myjp_ ), Yusa(@yusayusaYS), and Kiiti(@kiiti_dayo)!
This team will be joined by three different solo descenders, and will only be allowed to use "warning shots" to avoid attacks, and will receive extra bonus points for kills!

Starting Saturday, July 23 at 18:00!

"D.N.A JAM Vol. 1: The Strongest VTuber Office" will be broadcast on D.N.A JAM's YouTube channel on Saturday, July 23, 2022 at 18:00!
The live broadcast will be performed by Shisaki Yue, a member of Zooo! (@AsaGaO0419pp) and commentary will be provided by Wanzu(@ones_hbp1216) from Meteor.
There will be a total of 5 matches and the map is "WOELD'S EDGE".
For more details about the tournament and rules, including kill points, rankings, and overall rankings based on the Meteor streamer destruction bonus, please visit the official D.N.A JAM website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

3246818のV事務所が激突!「D.N.A JAM Vol.1 最強V事務所決定戦」が7月23日(土)に配信決定!柾花音、久遠たま、凛々咲によるVSingerチームも参戦!
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