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Chubu Telecommunications holds the online competition "The 1st Commifa Cup Chubu 5 Prefecture PUBG MOBILE Strongest Finals"! Gorgeous prizes too!

中部テレコミュニケーションがオンライン大会「第1回コミュファカップ中部5県PUBG MOBILE最強決定戦」を開催!豪華賞品も!

Chubu Telecommunications Co., Ltd. a.k.a. ctc, will hold the " 1st Commufa Cup Chubu 5-prefecture PUBG MOBILE Tournament " on Saturday, May 29, 2021, for the popular battle royal game "PUBG MOBILE.

What is the Commufa Cup?


The Commufa Cup is a game tournament held by "Commufa Hikari," an optical internet service provided by ctc.
It is held regularly with various game titles regardless of genres.
The goal is to create an environment where eSports stars representing Japan are born in the five central prefectures of Japan (Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka, and Nagano), and to develop eSports culture in the central region.

Live commentary and commentary at the "Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA"!

The "1st Commufa Cup Chubu 5 PUBG MOBILE Best of the Best" will be held at the eSports stadium "Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA" in the Nagoya Parco East Wing, and will be broadcasted on YouTube with live commentary. The event will be streamed live on YouTube with commentary and commentary.

The live commentary and commentary for this tournament will be provided by invited guests.
The guests are as follows



eSports caster who has been commentating on many eSports tournaments and programs, including official PUBG MOBILE tournaments.



As an official partner of PUBG MOBILE, Mitchel provides commentary for many tournaments, including the " AFTER 6 LEAGUE," a league for amateur e-sports players.

Akari Uehara


Akari Uehara is a voice actress whose voice is also available in the PUBG MOBILE game.

Tournament Outline

Date Saturday, May 29, 2021, 14:00-17:00 (tentative)
Title PUBG MOBILE (Smartphone application)
Rules Server KRJP, Mode TPP, Map Erlanger
Only one SOLO match and one SQUAD match will be held. Rankings will be determined only by standings without kill points; MVP will be the Most Killed.
For other details, please refer to the tournament page.
Number of players 100 for SOLO match, 96 for SQUAD match (24 teams of 4 players each)
Start of Recruitment April 28 (Wed) - May 23 (Sun), 2021
Participation Method Entry from the tournament page
Participation Fee Free of charge
Streaming on GG commufa YouTube channel
SOLO Match Prizes First prize: 100,000 yen, second prize: SHURE AONIC 215 UNI earphones
Runner-up prize: 50,000 yen, 3rd place prize: 30,000 yen
MVP prize: SHURE MV88 + Video Kit
SQUAD Match Prizes First place team prize: 200,000 yen, Second place team prize: SHURE AONIC 215 UNI earphones
Cash prize for the runner-up team: 100,000 yen, cash prize for the third-place team: 60,000 yen
MVP prize: SHURE MV88 + video kit
Sponsored by Chubu Telecommunications Co.
Supported by Shure Japan K.K.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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