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SSB the day after the establishment of the department! Crazy Raccoon's Protobanum player won the "Double Down 2022" held in Las Vegas, USA!

スマブラ部門開設の翌日に快挙!Crazy Raccoon所属のプロトバナム選手がアメリカ・ラスベガスの「Double Down 2022」で優勝!

Crazy Raccoon, a professional eSports team, announced the opening of its Super Smash Bros. division on Sunday, July 10, 2022 at 20:00 and the addition of ProtoBanham (@ProtoBanhamSSBU) to the division. The next day, the team announced the opening of the Super Smash Bros. division.
The next day, Monday, July 11, 2022, ProtoBanham won the " Double Down 2022 " held in Las M. Bissons, U.S.A.!
We are all praising and congratulating Mr. Protovanam, who achieved the result at an amazing speed on his second day of membership!

プロeスポーツチーム「Crazy Raccoon」に大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ部門が設立!同部門にプロトバナムさんが参戦!

A report of his victory right after joining the team!

Protovanam, the winner of the tournament
Double Down公式Twitter

ProtoBanham (@ProtoBanhamSSBU) won the "Double Down 2022" held in Las M. Bisons, USA!
Congratulations @ProtoBanhamSSBU!

"Double Down 2022" was a large tournament held in Las M. Bison, USA from July 9 (Sat.) to 11 (Mon.), 2022.
The number one player will be chosen from approximately 1,500 players from all over the world.
Protovanam had won the "Bonfire #4" Smash Bros. tournament, which had about 700-800 players, but this time the number of participants was double that.
He beat the world's strongest player, MkLeo (@Mkleosb ), in the final to win his first overseas tournament!

Winning the tournament the day after joining Crazy Raccoon is just too much!
In the post-competition streaming, he said, "I want to erase my memory and fight again," showing his desire to compete and his desire to improve.
We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Mr. Protovanam, who has achieved the glory of winning the tournament immediately after joining the game!


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Professional esports team "Crazy Raccoon" established Super Smash Bros. Division! Protobanum participated in the same division!
Professional esports team "Crazy Raccoon" established Super Smash Bros. Division...

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