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"The 2nd Commifa Cup Chubu 5 Prefecture Parent-Child Strongest Final Battle FEATURE FORTNITE" to participate in the parent-child duo

親子デュオで参加する「第2回コミュファカップ中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE」開催決定

Chubu Telecommunications Co., Ltd. announced that it will hold the " 2nd Commufa Cup Chubu 5 Prefectures FEATURING FORTNITE", an online competition using Epic Games' popular battle royal game " FORTNITE " on its website " GG commufa ". FEATURING FORTNITE", an online competition using Epic Games' popular battle royale game "FORTNITE", will be held in 5 prefectures in the Chubu region.

Online Competition for Parents and Children


<p>コミュファカップ中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE
"第2回コミュファカップ中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE"イベントページ

The "2nd Commufa Cup FEATURING FORTNITE" is an online "FORTNITE" tournament in which parents and children join forces in a duo formation.
The top six teams from each prefecture will advance to the finals.
The top three teams in the finals will receive prizes.
The qualifying rounds and finals will be streamed LIVE and archived on the official GG commufa Youtube channel.
The following members will appear as play-by-play commentators and guests.

Mr. Shinichirou

Shinichi Roo (@shinichi_rooo), an e-sports caster who has commentated on numerous e-sports tournaments and programs, will provide the commentary.

winning hand containing four kongs or pungs of winds and a pair of the fourth wind
"第2回コミュファカップ中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE"イベントページ

Newcomer Esu-san

Shinpei Esu (@shinpeiSSR), a streamer who belongs to the streamer division of the pro-gaming team "JUPITER" and distributes mainly on FORTNITE, will appear as a guest to liven up the streaming.

rookie of the year
"第2回コミュファカップ中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE"イベントページ

Asuka Kijima

Asuka Kijima is a model for the magazine "non-no" and a well-known weathercaster for Nippon Television's morning information program "ZIP!
Asuka Kijima (@asuka_kijima ), who has her own YouTube channel "Asuka Sanchi " and also does live game commentary on OPENREC.tv's " Asuka Kijima's Game Channel ", will appear as a guest commentator.

Asuka Kijima
"第2回コミュファカップ中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE"イベントページ

Entries for the qualifying tournament will be accepted from Friday, June 25, 2021. Entries for the Mie and Gifu Prefectural Preliminary Rounds will be accepted until Sunday, July 11, 2021, and those for the Aichi Preliminary Round and the Shizuoka and Nagano Preliminary Rounds will be accepted until Sunday, July 25, 2021.
Travel and other activities will still be difficult in the summer of 2021.
Why not make this summer a memorable one for parents and children by participating in the "2nd FEATURING FORTNITE: The Strongest Parents and Children in the 5 Chubu Prefectures"?
For more details and to enter the event, please visit the "2nd Commufa Cup Chubu 5-prefecture FEATURING FORTNITE " event page.

Outline of the "2nd Commufa Cup FEATURING FORTNITE" event to determine the strongest parent-child team in the five Chubu prefectures.
Date of the event Preliminary Round 1: Mie/Gifu Preliminary Round July 25, 2021 (Sun.) 13:30 - 16:55 (tentative)
Preliminary Round 2: Aichi Prefecture Preliminary Round August 8, 2021 (Sun.) 13:30 - 15:05 (tentative)
Qualifying Round 3: Nagano and Shizuoka Prefectures August 9, 2021 (Mon.) 13:30 - 16:55 (tentative)

Final: Sunday, August 29, 2021, 13:30 - 15:55 (tentative)

Platform PC / Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series S|X
Mode Battle Royale
Team Formation Duos
Number of Matches 2 preliminary matches, 3 final matches
Ranking Ranked points from 2 preliminary matches + total of elimination points
Final 3 matches: total of ranking points + elimination points
Number of applicants 40 pairs per prefecture *If the number of applicants is exceeded, a drawing will be held.
Application period June 25 (Fri.) - July 11 (Sun.), 2021 *Preliminary rounds for Mie and Gifu Prefectures
June 25 (Fri.) - July 25 (Sun.), 2021 *Preliminary rounds for Aichi, Shizuoka, and Nagano Prefectures
Participation Method Entry from the "2nd Commufa Cup Chubu 5 Prefectures FEATURING FORTNITE" event page.
Participation Qualification The applicant must be a parent and child whose current address corresponds to one of the 5 Chubu prefectures (Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka, or Nagano). *Identification must be uploaded at the time of competition entry.
Children must be between 1st grade elementary school and 3rd grade junior high school.
Participation Fee Free of charge
Destination of distribution GG commufa YouTube channel
Sponsored by Chubu Telecommunications Co.
Conference page https://join.commufa.jp/ggcommufa/esports/fortnite/
Remarks This event is not sponsored, supported, or operated by Epic Games.


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32193親子デュオで参加する「第2回コミュファカップ中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE」開催決定
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