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The 3rd online game event "Cogfes" limited to working adults is held at Strike V! I'm going to see a member of society who is stronger than me.


Cogfest," a circle for working people launched to promote gaming culture among working people
In the e-sports scene, which is becoming more and more popular, this event focuses on "working people" who are different from professional players who can devote themselves to gaming or students who can devote their passion to their hobbies.
The first "Cogfest ~Cogfest for Working People Legends~" featured "Apex Legends", while the second "Cogfest for Working People Squid Festival~" featured an online battle event using "Splatoon 2". The matches were streamed on Youtube.
Cogfest has decided to hold its third event, the " 3rd Cogfest - Working Men's Fighter Festival. The event will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2020, at 14: 00.
The game title to be used is " Street Fighter V. " A maximum of 16 players will enter the tournament and compete to win.

Up to 16 players will compete to determine who is the best in the business! The "PUSH" will be the prize!

Tournament Information

In the past "Cogfest - Working Men's Legend Festival", a total of 14 teams and 42 players participated, and in the second "Cogfest - Working Men's Squid Festival", a total of 16 teams and 64 players participated, which is the maximum number.
The maximum number of entries this time is 16, and after a round-robin preliminary league of four players, the one with the most wins will advance to the final tournament with single elimination rules.
The winner will receive a 3,000 yen gift card and the recently announced unlimited sponsorship of the "PUSH+" energy capsules.
The 2nd and 3rd place players will also receive "PUSH+".


Only working people can participate.

Tournament Rules

The application requirements for players are

  • 16 players. (If there are more than 16 entries, players will be selected by lottery.)
  • Must be a working adult (not a student, not an employed person, and must be self-employed). (Not students, but employed, self-employed, teaching, freelance, part-timer, or part-time worker)
  • Must be able to participate in the tournament's Discord.
  • Follow the Twitter account "Cogfes (@cogfes)" and apply using the application form.

In addition to being a working adult, you must be able to use Discord and Twitter.
The deadline for applications is 23:59 on May 31 (Sun.), 2020, and entries can be made through the dedicated application form.

More events will be held in the future for a variety of game titles!

Cogfest, an online gaming event for working adults only

For working gamers who balance their gaming hobby with work and family, this event provides an opportunity to meet new gaming friends and motivation to play games.
The new coronavirus has reduced the number of opportunities for people to interact with each other, such as social distance and voluntary restraint from going out, but why not meet others who share a common hobby at these online events?
For more information on the "3rd Cogfest: Social Martial Arts Festival," please visit the Cogfest Twitter account.
Cogfest plans to hold more online events regularly after this one, so working adults who love games should keep an eye out for them.
For more details, please check the Cogfest Twitter account.


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