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"CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021" will be held! The first day of the event is the Japan Games on April 17th!

「CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021」開催決定!開催初日は4月17日の日本大会!

Capcom presents to the world the milestone fighting game "Street Fighter V Champion Edition " (hereafter referred to as "STV").
Season 5, the final season, will begin in February 2021. With various updates and balance adjustments, the implementation of V-Shift, and the distribution of " Dan, " the final season is off to a great start.
The world is especially excited about the " CAPCOM CUP," a world tournament final in STV. The "CAPCOM Pro Tour" (CPT) is a qualifying tournament for the CAPCOM CUP.
Last year's CPT in 2020 was held online due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but this year's event will be held online again as the " CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021 "!


A total of 32 tournaments will be held, starting in Japan!

CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021
CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021

CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021" will be held in a completely online format, similar to the previous "CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2020", where players will be able to participate from their homes.
Starting with the Japan event on Saturday, April 17, 2021, a total of 32 tournaments will be held in 19 regions around the world.
With the newly added South Africa tournament, even more preemptions and fans can now participate!

  • April 17 - April 18: Japan Tournament 1
  • May 1 - May 2: Central America West Tournament 1
  • May 8 - May 9: North America West 1
  • May 15 - May 16: Asia East Congress1
  • May 22 - May 23: South American Congress
  • May 29 - May 30: Brazilian Congress1
  • June 5 - June 6: Middle East Rally
  • June 12 - June 13: Europe West
  • June 19-June 20: North America Midwest Rally1
  • July 10 - 11: China Rally
  • July 17 - 18: France, Spain, Portugal1
  • July 24-July 25: North America East Conference1
  • Aug. 7 - Aug. 8: South Africa Congress
  • August 21 - 22: Great Britain and Ireland Congress1
  • Aug. 28-Aug. 29: Australia, Australia2
  • Sept. 18 - 19: Japan2
  • Sept. 25-Sept. 26: Central America East Rally1
  • Oct. 9 - Oct. 10: North America West 2
  • Oct. 16 - 17: Europe East, Russia
  • Oct. 23-Oct. 24: Europe North
  • Oct. 30 - Oct. 31: Japan Convention3
  • Nov. 6 - Nov. 7: Asia Southeast
  • Nov. 13-Nov. 14: Central America West 2
  • Nov. 20 - Nov. 21: Brazil2
  • Nov. 27-Nov. 28: Asia East Grand Rounds2
  • Dec. 4 - 5: France, Spain, Portugal2
  • Dec. 11 - Dec. 12: Mid-North America2
  • Dec. 18 - Dec. 19: U.K., Ireland Congress2
  • Jan. 8 - Jan. 9: Central America East Conference2
  • Jan. 15 - Jan. 16: Northeastern Conference of North America2
  • January 22-January 23: Japan Conference4
  • The names and dates will be announced at a later date.

Japan was included in the "Asia-East (Block H)" in the previous tournament, but this time it will be held independently as the Japan Tournament.
In addition, after the opening round of Japan Tournament 1 on April 17-18, Japan Tournament 2 will be held on September 18-19, Japan Tournament 3 on October 30-31, and Japan Tournament 4 on January 22-23, 2022, for a total of four round s, so it will be worth watching!

Each tournament will be broadcast live in English and Japanese on CAPCOM's official channel on each distribution platform, with plans to add other languages in the future as well.
In addition to a total of US$5,000 in cash prizes, each tournament will also award a spot in the " CAPCOM CUP VIII " finals scheduled to be held in early 2022!
Who will be the champion of each tournament held around the world? Who will win the title of the world's strongest! Don't miss out on the year-long, hotly contested competition!

Premier Pass is now on sale!

To commemorate the decision to hold the "CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021," a new content pack called the "Capcom Pro Tour: 2021 Premier Pass " is now on sale!
The pack includes the following special content related to CPT Online 2021

Additional stage : Ring of Galaxy

追加ステージ : Ring of Galaxy
Additional Stage : Ring of Galaxy

Additional Costume "CPT2021" : G

Additional Costume "CPT2021" : G

Additional costume "CPT2021": Seth

Additional Costume "CPT2021" : Seth

plus one more costume to be announced at a later date.
CPT 2021 Premier Pass exclusive colors (EX12) " for the initial 45 characters from Season 1 to Season 5.

CPT 2021 Premier Pass 専用カラー(EX12)
CPT 2021 Premier Pass exclusive colors (EX12)
CPT 2021 Premier Pass 専用カラー(EX12)
CPT 2021 Premier Pass exclusive colors (EX12)

As a special title, the

  • Capcom Cup 2021
  • Capcom Pro Tour 2021
  • Capcom Fighters 2021
  • CPT Fanatic 2021
  • FGC Member 2021

There are 5 types.
In addition, you will also receive two exclusive CPT 2021 fighter profile themes and10,000 fight money!
The "Capcom Pro Tour: 2021 Premier Pass" is on sale now for 2,000 yen (tax included)! Purchase it from the PlayStation Store for PS4 orSteam for PC!

Costume Design Contest Winner!

The " Costume Design Contest " for Strike V costume designs started with the announcement of Season 5 in May 2020.
It seems that Capcom must have had a hard time getting ahead of the competition, as there were so many attractive designs from all over the world.
The two winners, "JnXC" and "Gar", are now available for purchase!

True Boss : Juli

True Boss : ジュリ
True Boss : Juli
True Boss : ジュリ
True Boss : Juli
称号 : Untamable!
Title : Untamable!

Super Super Snake Evil : Juli

凄覇威蛇悪 : ジュリ
The most evil of all : Juli
凄覇威蛇悪 : ジュリ
The most evil snake ever : Juli
称号 : 凄覇威蛇悪
Title : The Great and Powerful Serpent Evil

Both costumes can be purchased for 200 yen (tax included) or40,000 FM and are included in the Street Fighter V Season 5 Premium Pass, so Premium Pass holders can download them now!
Each one also comes with a special title, so don't miss out!

Let's get excited for the final season!

Season 5 has begun and the excitement is at its peak. And now that Season 5 has begun, the excitement is at an all-time high, and we expect it to continue to grow even higher in the future.
In particular, CPT Online 2021 is a tournament that all STV players can participate in, and even though there is still a long way to go, STV is running toward the end.
Even if you have never participated in a tournament before, why not consider participating this time?
The opening tournament in Japan1 will be held a month later, from April 17 to April 18, 2021! Let's throw ourselves into the hot competition!
For more details and future schedule, please check the official "CAPCOM Pro Tour" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

21474「CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021」開催決定!開催初日は4月17日の日本大会!
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