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Ako Kasei and Creatives, who are familiar with "Esports Measures BREAK OUT", will hold a collaboration event on Wednesday, May 5!

「eスポーツ対策BREAK OUT」でお馴染みの赤穂化成とCreativesがを5月5日(水)にコラボイベントを開催!

Ako Kasei Co., Ltd. headquartered in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, announced that it will hold its first collaborative event, "e-Sports Countermeasure BREAK OUT The event will be held on Wednesday, May 5, 2012.
The event will be broadcast live on Creatives' official YouTube account.

The event will be streamed live on the official Creatives YouTube account, while drinking "e-sports measures BREAK OUT!"

At the event, members from each division of Creatives will be interviewed about the appeal of games, what it takes to be a professional gamer, and what they usually take care of in terms of their physical condition, while drinking "BREAK OUT," an e-sports beverage produced by Ako Kasei, to refresh themselves. The interview will be conducted in the form of an interview.
In addition, 5 winners will be selected by drawing to win a case of BREAK OUT + 5,000 yen worth of Amazon gift.

Date and time May 5, 2021 (Wed.) 13:00-17:00
How to watch Watch from the official Creatives YouTube account
Speakers Tsutsumaru/Valorant division representative LiZ/ Talent division representative Garo/ Hearthstone division representative SyoGo/ Splatoon division representative Bishojo & I am Ace/ Streamer division representative Chiroru
Contents 13:00-13:30:Opening Ceremony & Product Introduction
13:30-14:00: Interview with LiZ, representative of the VALORANT division
14:00-14:30: Interview with Hidetomi Toyokura, Talent Division Representative
14:30-15:00: Interview with SyoGo, Hearthstone division representative
15:30-16:00: Interview with Splatoon division representatives Bishojo & I'm Ace
16:00-16:30: Interview with Chiroru, Streamer Division Representative
16:30-17:00: Viewer giveaway and closing ceremony
About the present program Entries are made by combining keywords announced during the streaming. Five winners will be selected by drawing to receive one case of e-sports measures BREAK OUT + 5,000 yen Amazon gift! Details will be announced during the event.
*Speakers and program are subject to slight change.


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Refresh and recover! I drank "Esports Measures BREAK OUT" in between play!
Refresh and recover! I drank "Esports Measures BREAK OUT" in between play!...

ENADORI which rises in the world tends to look like a kind of boost for a drink for play. But the stamina is raised by a tablet and Ako transformed corporation