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On × offline this year! "BitSummit THE 8th BIT", japan's largest indie game festival, will be held!

今年はオン×オフラインで!日本最大級のインディーゲームの祭典「BitSummit THE 8th BIT」開催決定!

The world of indie games offers unlimited possibilities.
Indie World 2021.4.15" was recently broadcast to introduce indie games that will be released on Nintendo Switch, and many fascinating indie games were announced. There are so many titles that I want to play, which makes me scream with joy.
I am sure that I am not the only one who has the image that most indie games are made by overseas makers.
In fact, the percentage of indie games released by overseas makers is quite high, and in terms of numbers, I have the impression that there are only a few titles by Japanese makers.
However! The quality of indie games made by Japanese makers is extremely high, and it is still fresh in our minds that "Amanohono Sakunahime" became an unprecedented hit in 2020.
The largest scale festival "BitSummit THE 8th BIT" will be held to bring together such fascinating Japanese indie games !

「Indie World 2021.4.15」公開!発表内容をまとめてご紹介!

The combination of on- and offline events will be held in September!

BitSummit THE 8th BIT
BitSummit THE 8th BIT
BitSummit THE 8th BIT公式サイト

BitSummit The 8th BIT" is one of the largest indie game festivals in Japan, organized by the BitSummit Executive Committee and held in Kyoto.
In light of the Corona disaster, this year's event will be a combination of online and offline, with limited online attendance for the general public and online attendance for developers, publishers, media, and sponsors based in Japan!
This year's event will be virtually audience-free, but it will be a more meaningful celebration that will focus on information dissemination through media, SNS, etc., and further strengthen B to B. It will be an event that delivers information on indie games from Japan and abroad.
Of course, not only domestic exhibitors, but also overseas exhibitors will be able to participate remotely by setting up booths at the venue!
We can't wait to see what fascinating indie games we can find there!
The event will be held on September 2 (Thursday) and 3 (Friday), 2021. It will be held at the Kyoto Municipal Kangyo Kan Miyakomesse!
The main event contents of "BitSummit THE 8th BIT" will be as follows

  • On-site test-playing of games selected by BitSummit. Online play for the public.
  • Information dissemination by various media
  • Live streaming through BitSummit's official video channel
  • BtoB meeting booths" where visitors can interact with developers and publishers from Japan and abroad.
  • Media interview booths for PR activities
  • Distribution booth for influencers
Event Outline
Event Name BitSummit THE 8th BIT
Schedule Thursday, September 2 and Friday, September 3, 2021
Time 10:00 - 17:00 (2nd and 3rd)
Venue Exhibition Hall 2, 1F, Miyakomesse, Kyoto Municipal Industrial Exhibition Hall
Organizer BitSummit Executive Committee
Japan Independent Game Association (JIGA)
 (Q Games / Pygmy Studio / Skeleton Crew Studio / BlackSheep Consulting)
Kyoto Prefecture
Co-sponsored by KYOTO CMEX
Produced by 802 Media Works Inc.
For inquiries, please contact Japan Independent Game Association
tel : 06-6210-4188
fax : 06-6210-4739
MAIL: contact@bitsummit.org

Exhibitor Entry Starts Now!

An event is nothing without exhibitors!
We have started accepting entries from exhibitors for "BitSummit THE 8th BIT "!
Exhibitors from Japan will participate directly and set up their booths at the Kyoto venue, while exhibitors from outside of Japan will set up their booths at the venue, but in principle remotely.
Please note that this schedule is subject to change depending on the spread of the new coronavirus.
Please visit the entry page on the official website of "BitSummit THE 8th BIT" to register as an exhibitor!

Information about guest speakers, influencers, and sponsors of "BitSummit THE 8th BIT" will be announced soon on the official website, official Twitter (@BitSummitJP ), and Facebook (@BitSummit ).
Make sure to follow each SNS to get the latest information!


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28629今年はオン×オフラインで!日本最大級のインディーゲームの祭典「BitSummit THE 8th BIT」開催決定!
This game was chosen! "Kyoto Esports Summit 2020 Summer - Kyoto Esports Game Grand Prize Ceremony~" Winners Announced!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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