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On × offline this year! "BitSummit THE 8th BIT", japan's largest indie game festival, will be held!

今年はオン×オフラインで!日本最大級のインディーゲームの祭典「BitSummit THE 8th BIT」開催決定!

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When saying an indie game, that there is an image with a lot of overseas manufacturers shouldn't be only a writer.
The ratio of the overseas manufacturer is a number quite much for the indie game released indeed, and when saying, a work of Japanese manufacturer is a little impression. But! It's a place fresh in memory that "SAKUNAHIME in a heaven head" became a big hit unprecedentedly the indie game Japanese manufacturer makes had very high quality, and when saying in 2020. Holding of a gathered record-high festival "BitSummit THE 8th BIT" decided about the Japanese indie game full of such charm!

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28629今年はオン×オフラインで!日本最大級のインディーゲームの祭典「BitSummit THE 8th BIT」開催決定!
This game was chosen! "Kyoto Esports Summit 2020 Summer - Kyoto Esports Game Grand Prize Ceremony~" Winners Announced!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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