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Game audio production company "AZSTOKE" announces support for artist activities! There are also special delivery events using Unreal Engine!

ゲームオーディオ制作会社「AZSTOKE」がアーティスト活動のサポートを発表!Unreal Engineを使用した特殊な配信イベントも!

(AZSTOKE), a game audio production company, has announced the establishment of a new department called "ALGAZODIK" to support artists' activities using game audio technology.

Special distribution using UnrealEngine


As part of this activity, the company will distribute real-time video of DJ keshigomu (@complex_network) playing DJs.
The video distribution is an interesting experiment that only a game audio production company can undertake.

AlphaTheta provided Pioneer DJ equipment, and the audio information output from the CDJ-3000 was input into the Unreal Engine.
The background of the game will be changed in real-time to match the sound, and "keshigomu" himself will be synthesized in a chroma-keyed DJ performance video.
In addition, the Unreal Engine will capture Twitch comments and his "Niwatori Avatar" will appear on stage in real time.

On May 22, the first "DJ keshigomu Streaming on Twitch" event will be held for testing purposes, which can be viewed on YouTube.
The first event was held using Unreal Engine 4, but for the second event, they are currently testing Unreal Engine 5, which has just been released as an Early Access version.

The second distribution event will be held on June 12!


The second distribution event will take place on June 12, 2021 at 19:30.
Fangler Games will also schedule an interview with AZSTOKE (AZSTOKE) after the video distribution.
Expectations are high for this new artist's use of video game technology to express himself!
Check out ALGAZODIK's event page for more info!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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