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Chicken avatar powers up!? Game audio production company "AZSTOKE" will hold "2021 keshigomu Monthly Streaming On Twitch" again this month!

鶏アバターがパワーアップ!?ゲームオーディオ制作会社の「AZSTOKE」が今月も「2021 keshigomu Monthly Streaming On Twitch」開催!

AZSTOKE, a game audio production company, will hold "2021 keshigomu" on Saturday, July 17 as part of the "ALGAZODIK" project, which supports artists' activities using game audio technology. ALGAZODIK, a project that supports artists using audio technology in video games, announced that it will hold "Monthly Streaming On Twitch" on Saturday, July 17.

Compared to the previous event, the representation of Niwatori avatars has been improved.

2021 keshigomu Monthly Streaming On TwitchALGAZODIK

The first streaming event "DJ keshigomu Streaming on Twitch" was held last time and used UnrealEngine for a special streaming.
The Unreal Engine was used to acquire Twitch comments, and his "Niwatori Avatar" appeared on stage in real time.
This time, the event was compatible with stamps, and the chickens would perform their own unique actions with five stamps.

New Stage for Guests

2021 keshigomu Monthly Streaming On Twitch
Guest Stage

This time, there was a new stage for guests, complete with two rare hats, and if you commented more than once, a rare hat would appear someday.
Audience members will not only be able to watch the live streaming, but will also be able to play with the audience to enhance the immersive experience as if they were in the actual club.
The event has been held only about a month since the last one, but it has been significantly powered up in just one month.

Elderly avatar wearing a rare hat

The delivery event is Saturday, July 17.

2021 keshigomu Monthly Streaming On TwitchALGAZODIK

"2021 keshigomu Monthly Streaming On Twitch" will open at 19:30 on Saturday, July 17 and start at 20:00.
DJ MASA ( @DJ__MASA) will be the guest this time.

Who is DJ MASA?


DJ MASA is a DRUM&BASS DJ / PRODUCER based in Tokyo.
He is also the winner of "ROAD TO OUTLOOK JP 2014.
This time, "keshigomu", an artist belonging to Algazodik, and "DJ MASA" will be delivering a two-person event.

Expectations are high for "2021 keshigomu Monthly Streaming On Twitch," which will be greatly enhanced from the previous event.
Please join us at Niwatori Avatar on Saturday night, July 17.


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Game audio production company "AZSTOKE" announces support for artist activities! There are also special delivery events using Unreal Engine!
Game audio production company "AZSTOKE" announces support for artist activities!...

It was announced that corporation AZSTOKE (EZETTOSUTOKU) in a game audio production company established the section as "ALGAZODIK (ARUGAZODIKKU)" whic