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Infiltrate the "AUTOBACS e-Motorsports Experience", an esports tournament that connects Osaka "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium" and Tokyo "A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME" online!

大阪「AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium」と東京「A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME」をオンラインで繋いだeスポーツ大会「AUTOBACS e-Motorsports Experience」に潜入!

Japan's largest e-motorsports stadium "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium" in Osaka just opened on Friday, April 16.
AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium " in Osaka and " A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME " in Tokyo will be linked online for the e-motorsports tournament " AUTOBACSe-Motorsports Experience," an online e-motorsports tournament linked to the "A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME" in Tokyo, was held as well as an opening event.

Two venues, Tokyo and Osaka

While online tournaments are the mainstream, this event was held with full measures in place to prevent infection.
However, traveling from distant places is still a hurdle for players, regardless of the current circumstances.
In addition to transportation and accommodation costs, setting up a racing environment at home is also more expensive in e-motorsports than in other games.
In such a situation, it would be beneficial to be able to participate in a tournament at the nearest store or facility.


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The Tokyo venue is "A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME" in Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
The venue was set up in a special tent.

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The "A PIT" in "A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME" reads "apit," and as a store brand next to Autobacs and Super Autobacs, it is a space that even non-car enthusiasts will want to visit.
The affinity between e-motorsports and cars is very high, and in fact, the store offers products that gamers would want to buy.

Osaka Venue - AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium

AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium
AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium
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The Osaka venue was held at the AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium, a permanent e-motorsports stadium in the REDEE building at LaLaport EXPOCITY, which just opened on April 16 (Friday). The first thing that caught the attention of the audience was the illustrator, jbp.

AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium
AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium
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The first thing that caught the eye was the wrapped car created by illustrator jbstyle.

World Championships competitors and parents and their children participated!

The Tokyo and Osaka venues are connected online, and the players participating in the tournament vary widely.

The "Mishu" player was at the Osaka venue!

winning hand containing three kongs or pungs of winds
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Mishu (@mish12calsoYM ), who has experience representing Osaka in the Ibaraki National Athletic Meet and participating in the World Championships, entered the Osaka venue!

Parents and children came to the event, and some children participated!


This is what the Tokyo venue looked like.


Families came with their children, and some fathers cheered from behind while their children entered.
The good thing about Autobacs (of course) is that you can come by car, spend time with your family, and play e-motorsports with your child!

AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadiumfunglr Games

There were parents and children entering the Osaka venue as well!
When I was at the venue, the staff asked me, as if it were a matter of course, "Parents and children next time too? I think this kind of atmosphere is what makes e-motorsports different from other e-motorsports.

AUTOBACS e-Motorsports Experiencefunglr Games

It is amazing that Tokyo and Osaka are connected and competing in the same atmosphere as in real motorsports.
Even though online competitions have become the mainstream nowadays, it was great to see the competitions at the venue. (Sorry, I don't have the vocabulary.)
(Sorry, I don't have the vocabulary.)

And of course, the MC!

"みどろく"こと中道裕馬氏funglr Games

Speaking of conventions and events, they are all about the MC!
At this year's event, REDEE's operations manager, Yuma Nakamichi, aka "Midoroku (@kwsk_zx6r )" was the MC, and he made the "AUTOBACS e-Motorsports Experience" a lot of fun!

By the way, there were REDEE staff members at the Tokyo venue as well, and I was excited inside, "REDEE in Tokyo too...! " I was excited inside.

And of course, the race queens!

ARTA GALSfunglr Games

And speaking of motorsports, there are race queens!
The "ARTA GALS" were on hand to cheer us on at the Tokyo venue of this year's event.
Among those who came to support us were...

Kyoka Fujisawa

藤澤響花funglr Games

Kyoka Fujisawa (@kyoka_fujisawa) and...

Sumire Sawa

沢すみれfunglr Games

Sumire Sawa @sumiresour!

ARTA GALSfunglr Games

In regular motorsports, it's hard to get into the course and the distance between you and the spectators is far, but with e-motorsports, it's nice to be able to interact with the participants in such a close proximity!

Check out more Autobacs activities in the future!


Only "e" motorsports can connect the online venues of Tokyo and Osaka in this way.
It is fun to go to a circuit and experience real racing karts, but it is difficult to go to a circuit because it is far away from the venue.
If there are openings, you can enter at the store on the day of the event, so if you are interested, just take a look around and join! If you are interested, you can join!

We spoke with the staff about the newly opened "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium" and "A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME," and we will bring you more details about them later!


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Autobacs is an esports facility! "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium" grand opening on Friday, April 16! Store-linked events are also held!
Autobacs is an esports facility! "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium" grand ope...

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