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You can meet life-size Liza and Moe Iori! A life-size Liza unveiling party is held on Sofmap!


The 1/1 scale life-size figure of " Liza ", the main character of Koei Tecmo Games' "Liza's Atelier" series, which was displayed at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 and caused a big stir last year.
The company began accepting reservations for the figure on July 30, 2020, and announced that the figure would become a commercial product if 10 or more people made reservations.
Later, the official account of Koei Tecmo Games Gust brand, "Gasto-chan," announced that the number of people wishing to purchase the figure had exceeded 10, and we were envious of those who were able to purchase the figure.
The "Liza Atelier 2: The Lost Lore and the Secret Fairy" version of Liza's life-size figure is now available!
An unveiling ceremony has been announced!

You can meet Liza at Sofmap!

等身大ライザフィギュア(ライザ2 Ver.)お披露目会
Life-size Liza figure (Liza 2 Ver.) unveiling event

On Saturday, November 28, 2020, a " Life-size Liza figure (Liza 2 Ver.) unveiling ceremony " will be held on the 8th floor event floor of Sofmap AKIBA No. 4 Amusement Center in Akihabara.
The event will feature Junzo Hosoi, producer of "Liza's Atelier 2: The Lost Lore and the Secret Fairy," as well as Kazuyoshi Ito, president of Wonderful Works, which created the life-size Liza figure, and will be held at the Tokyo Game Show 2020. Cosplayer Moe Iori, who showed off her real Liza look at Tokyo Game Show 2020, will also make an appearance!

等身大ライザフィギュア(ライザ2 Ver.)お披露目会
Life-size Liza figure (Liza 2 Ver.) unveiling event

Moe Iori will of course appear as Liza. This is a rare chance to see Moe Iori as Liza!
Participation in this event is by lottery.

  • Sofmap AKIBA1 Subculture & Mobile Store
  • Sofmap AKIBA4 Amusement Center
  • Sofmap Shinjuku
  • Sofmap Kawagoe
  • Sofmap Omiya
  • Bic Camera Outlet x Sofmap Ikebukuro East Exit Store
  • Bic Camera Outlet × Sofmap Machida Store
  • Bic Camera Outlet x Sofmap Yokohama Store

Applications for the lottery are now being accepted at the above stores.
A Sofmap card is required to apply, so if you do not have one, ask the cashier to issue one for free.

Also, even if you couldn't make it to the unveiling, you still have a chance to see the life-size liza!
From November 29, 2020 (Sun) to December 13, 2020 (Sun), the life-size Liza will be on display in the space next to the escalator at the Sofmap AKIBA No. 4 Amusement Center.
This will be a great opportunity to observe the life-size Liza with your own eyes, so whether you went to the unveiling or not, go see the exhibit.
For more details, please check out the "Life-size Liza Figure (Liza 2 Ver.) Unveiling Event" at Sofmap!


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Liza life-size figure commercialization project" has started!...

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