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April Knights hosts esports corporate exchange game! The game title is "Auto Chess: Origin"

エイプリルナイツがeスポーツ企業交流戦を主催!ゲームタイトルは「Auto Chess:Origin」

As e-sports becomes more widely recognized, the number of companies participating in the industry is increasing day by day.
In order to make e-sports a big movement, not just a single company, but a group of companies are cooperating with each other, and many corporate exchange games are being held to promote friendship and study.

funglr Games recently participated in the "eSPORTS TRINITY" jointly organized by Toppan Printing, Dentsu, and Cyber Communications, and won the corporate competition using Street Fighter VAE. It is still fresh in our minds that " Nash Tajima," a newly graduated engineer from Fangler Technology, a group company of funglr Games, won the second place in the company competition using Street Fighter VAE.
April Knights, a team of the editor-in-chief of MARU KNOWLEDGE, Mr. bukkey, who was a good friend of Nash Tajima and showed us a good game when we played against him in the first round, will host an e-sports exchange game!

第1回eSPORTS TRINITYイベントレポート!キャリアを越えた熱き企業対抗戦「AFTER6 LEAGUE」に熱狂

The game title is "Auto Chess: Origin".

Auto Chess:Origin
Auto Chess:Origin
Auto Chess:Origin

The title of the game for this e-sports corporate exchange game will be "Auto Chess:Origin".
Auto Chess: Origin" is a smartphone version of "Dota Auto Chess", a game mode derived from the globally popular MODA game "Dota 2".

As the name "Auto" implies, the game is a battle royale in which eight players fight for their own survival, and the pieces you place in the game automatically fight each other.
The game is very deep, with synergy effects among races and classes and a high level of strategy, and continues to attract enthusiastic players from all over the world.

Better get used to it than learn it! So, for those on iOS, download it from the App Store, and for those on Android, download it from Google Play and get playing!

Put your corporate prestige on the line!

AUTO CHESS Corporate Exchange Tournament
AUTO CHESS企業交流戦特設ページ

In addition to April Knights, Inc., the organizer of the eSports Corporate Exchange Tournament, MSI Computer Japan,Inc.Abermedia Technologies, Inc. will sponsor the event.

4 companies will participate with 2 players each, 8 players in the classic normal room (custom) for a total of 4 matches.
A total of 4 matches will be played: 2 individual matches and 2 pseudo tag-team matches. The winning company will be determined by the total points for each rank.
In the individual matches, 10 pts will be awarded for 1st place, 8 pts for 2nd place, 7 pts for 3rd place, 5 pts for 4th place, 4 pts for 5th place, 3 pts for 6th place, 2 pts for 7th place, and 0 pts for 8th place.
In the pseudo-tag team competition, players from the same company will be allowed to consult with each other during the game, and the ranking of each company will be calculated by averaging the rankings of the two players.

In addition, Mr. Vashyron, the live commentator for the event, will select the MVP of the tournament, and the winning company and the MVP will receive luxurious gifts from the sponsor, Abermedia Technologies, Inc.
Even though it is a social event, we can expect some exciting matches as each company puts their own prestige on the line!

Twitter Present Campaign by Supporting Companies!

To commemorate the event, AVerMedia and MSI will be running two Twitter giveaway campaigns starting today.

Sponsors' Twitter Present Campaign Part 1

For the first campaign, follow the official Twitter accounts of AVerMedia,tubakura inc., and STA Group, and retweet the corresponding tweet to win an Elena mouse pad from AVerMedia.

Sponsor Twitter Present Campaign Part 2

For Giveaway Campaign #2, follow the officialMSI JPAN,tubakura inc. and STA Group accounts and retweet the corresponding tweet to win an MSI backpack from MSI for three lucky winners.

The giveaway campaign will run from Friday, November 15, 2019 to Wednesday, November 27, 2019.
This is your chance to win some great prizes, so don't forget to participate!

The day of the event will be broadcast live on YouTube

Just because it's a corporate exchange game doesn't mean you can't watch the action! The matches will be broadcast live on YouTube on the day of the event.
The event will be held on Saturday, November 23, from 1:00 p.m., so please come and watch the companies compete in earnest on Labor Thanksgiving Day!

For more details, please refer to the web media Maru-know! the web media operated by April Nights Corporation, the event organizer, for more details!

eSports Corporate Exchange Games
Date and Time November 23rd (Sat) 13:00~
Venue Akihabara "esports Japan
Twitter: https: //twitter.com/esportsJP_AKB
YouTube streaming page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvNv_4335cE
Rules 2 players from 4 companies participated. 8 players will compete in the classic normal room (custom).

A total of 4 matches: 2 individual matches and 2 pseudo tag-team matches.

Winning points were awarded according to ranking. The company with the highest total number of victory points wins.

Individual matches
1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 7pts, 4th 5pts, 5th 4pts, 6th 3pts, 7th 2pts, 8th 0pts

Pseudo-Tag Team Competition
Players from the same company are allowed to consult with each other during the game.
The ranking of each company is calculated by averaging the rankings of the two players.
1st 6pt 2nd 4pt 3rd 2pt 4th 0pt

In addition, the player who generated the most excitement in the match by the play-by-play commentary will be selected as the MVP.


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