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Christmas is one of the most luxurious guests! Music event using Unreal Engine "RECOILR -LV6-" held for 2 consecutive days on Saturday, December 25 and Sunday, December 26!

クリスマスは豪華ゲストで最大級に!Unreal Engineを使用した音楽イベント「RECOILR(リコイル)-LV6-」12月25日(土)・26(日)に2日連続開催!

ALGAZODIK, a project by game audio production company AZSTOKE Inc. to support artists' activities with game audio technology, is holding regular distribution events & "quot; RECOILR -LV6-" on Saturday, December 25 and Sunday, December 26. quot; RECOILR - LV6- ", a project by "ALGAZODIK" to support artists' activities with game audio technology, has announced that it will hold its largest event to close the year 2021 on December 25 (Sat.) and 26 (Sun.), for two days in a row.

The event's key colors are RED and GREEN, the colors of Christmas!


RECOILR" is held every month, and the last event was held on November 20 (Sat.) with a "winter" theme.
This time, the event will be held over two days in the Christmas key colors of RED and GREEN!

The organizer, Sarina Tokihira, will be participating on both days!

Sarina TokihiraAZSTOKE

Sarina Tokihira, organizer of "RECOILR," a DJ from ALGAZODIK and game sound designer for AZSTOKE, will be participating on both RED and GREEN!
She has performed on various stages at each event, and this year's event, which will be held on Christmas Day to wrap up the year, is definitely one to check out!

The first day, Saturday, December 25, is RED!


The guests and timetable for the first day will be in RED color as follows.

RED Timetable
18:00-19:00 Talk
19:00-20:00 Sarina Tokihira (@complex_network )
20:00-21:00 KEiTA (@keita79 )
21:00-22:00 Maury Robertson (@gjmorley)
22:00-23:00 TETSUJI TANAKA (@tetsuji_tanaka )

KEiTA (@keita79 )


In February 2003, DJ KEiTA returned to Japan from New York to be the resident DJ at WOMB for the launch of "ZERO", a neo-tokyo drum'n'bass party organized by 7NiNE PRODUCTIONS, to which he belongs. KEiTA.
He has performed at "SENSE OF GROOVE" hosted by PHUTURISTIC BLUEZ and "ELEMENTS" in BOSTON.

Morley Robertson (@gjmorley)


Morley Robertson was educated in both the U.S. and Japan and was accepted to Tokyo University and Harvard University in 1981, graduating from Harvard in 1988.
He is active in a wide range of fields from TV personality and musician to international journalist.

TETSUJI TANAKA (@tetsuji_tanaka )


TETSUJI TANAKA is a top DJ representing the Japanese drum'n'bass scene, transcending genres and leading the scene.
He is a mix master who instantly controls the music with free improvisation called "4decks master".

The second day, December 26 (Sat.), is GREEN! Guests are familiar DJs!


The second day will be in GREEN color with the following guests and timetable.
Guests are DJs who have appeared at past "RECOILR" events!

GREEN Timetable
18:00-19:00 Talk
19:00-20:00 Sarina Tokihira (@complex_network )
20:00-21:00 RIO (@034mny )
21:00-22:00 yuitty (@yuittyANNADiA )
22:00-23:00 DJ MASA (@dj__masa )

RIO (@034mny )


Born in 1998 in Gifu Prefecture, mainly active in Nagoya and moved to Tokyo in 2017.
Currently active in Tokyo, focusing on downer music regardless of genre.
The concept of his music is "romance dedicated to your guess.

yuitty (@yuittyANNADiA )


Yuitty has been producing fashionable events such as "ANNA DiA by spice!", a fusion event of club and show at clubasia since 2009. In 2010, he launched "DiVANG TUNE", a dubstep / drum & bass-only club, to spread dubstenation in the Kanto area, and has been active for 10 years.
His performance of mixing dark sounds and creating an atmospheric space is a must-see and must-hear.

DJ MASA (@dj__masa )


DJ MASA is a DRUM&BASS DJ / PRODUCER based in Tokyo.
He is the winner of "ROAD TO OUTLOOK JP 2014."

Chicken Avatar is also alive and well!


Speaking of "RECOILR", it is a stage for distribution using the Unreal Engine!
When you comment on Twitch, a chicken avatar appears and moves around the stage as an alter ego of yourself.
If you comment a specific stamp, your chicken avatar will drink a drink, wear a hat, or even burn up!

To participate in the event, go to Twitch!

The streaming will start at 18:00 on both Saturday, December 25 and Sunday, December 26, and the first hour will be the customary (?) talk time. The first half of the show will be a traditional (or is it traditional?) talk show!
Please join " RECOILR -LV6- " on Christmas Day and let's wrap up the year 2021!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

That Enadori "Keeba"! Kiiva ENERGY also supports music distribution event "RECOILR" using Unreal Engine!
That Enadori "Keeba"! Kiiva ENERGY also supports music distribution event "...

The project which supports artist activity with game audio technology of "corporation AZSTOKE" "ALGAZODIK" cut down the music distribution e