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Autumn-like stage created in Unreal Engine! "RECOILR-LV4-" will be held on Saturday, September 25th!

Unreal Engineで作成した秋っぽいステージ!「RECOILR(リコイル)-LV4-」を9月25日(土)に開催!

ALGAZODIK, a project by game audio production company AZSTOKE Inc. to support artists' activities with game audio technology, has announced that it will hold a distribution event "RECOILR -LV4-" on Saturday, August 25. The event " RECOILR-LV4- " will be held on Saturday, August 25th.

Only in autumn! Dazzling autumn leaves created with the Unreal Engine on the stage!


The beach stage created with UnrealEngine changes its timeline along with the time of day, creating a day in the game within the 2 hours and 30 minutes of the event.
And just like the previous event, "RECOILR - LV4-" will be open to "Niwatori Avatar" participants.

When you write a message on Twitch, a "Niwatori Avatar," your alter ego, will appear, and when you post a stamp, it will be decorated in various ways.
Of course, you can continue to use the stamps from previous events, and the event is constantly being updated, making it more and more enjoyable each time.
Come join us and take control of your own avatar!


Performing Artists

The artists will be " SarinaTokihira a.k.a keshigomu(@complex_network) " from "ALGAZODIK", the star of this event, and guest artist yuitty(@yuittyANNADiA ). ) will be invited as guests, and the event will be hosted by two female DJs as in the previous event.

SarinaTokihira a.k.a keshigomu

SarinaTokihira a.k.a keshigomuAZSTOKE

SarinaTokihira a.k.a keshigomu", a regular DJ for this distribution event, changed her name to "keshigomu" since the last event, and this will be her second appearance since the name change.
This is the second time they have performed at this event since changing their name. They have been showing various performances on various stages every time, and this time is also worth checking out!



YUITTY has been producing fashionable events at clubasia since 2009, such as "ANNA DiA by spice!
In 2010, in order to spread dubstenation in the Kanto area, he started a new Dubstep / Drum & Bass only "DiVANG TUNE", which is now in its 10th year of activity.

In addition, he has been a floor organizer and regular performer at DRY & HEAVY presents "IN TIME," and has been an in-store DJ at Maniac beach, apparel stores, and the opening of Shibuya Hikarie, as well as appearing at various other events.
He was also the main opener at "OUTLOOK JP 2016 LAUNCHI PARTY", the launch party of OUTLOOK, the world's largest BASS PARTY, held in Croatia.

Her style is to intuitively enliven the crowd with a wide range of genres and a solid selection of music.
Her performance of mixing dark sounds to create an atmospheric space is a must-see and must-hear.

This year's sponsors are gorgeous!

The fourth music distribution event " RECOILR - LV4- " seems to have a sponsor, and you can see their brand (product) on the signboard on the stage.



Ltd., a shochu (Japanese liquor) maker established in 1868 and headquartered in Ichiki-Kushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, sponsors " DAIYAME "!
DAIYAME is made from sweet potatoes (produced in Kagoshima Prefecture) and rice malt (made from domestic rice), and is a gem from the 150th anniversary of the company's founding.


It has won the highest trophy in the SHOCHU category at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), one of the world's three major sake competitions, and its gorgeous aroma matches the image of "RECOILR - LV4-"! The gorgeous fragrance fits the image of "RECOILR-LV4-"!

Frienbr Room & Fabric Mist Kinmorisse

Frienbr ルーム&ファブリックミスト 金木犀AZSTOKE

Frienbr continues to produce fragrance-related products, last time it was a table cleaner with the scent of Setouchi lemon, perfect for summer, and this time it's a fabric mist!
The signage suggests that it is Frienbr's popular "Kinmorisu" fragrance, which is perfect for this autumn-themed event, but the packaging seems to be different from the existing products...?

Frienbr ルーム&ファブリックミスト 金木犀AZSTOKE

The "Room & Fabric Mist" is a very popular product and is always in short supply, and is currently sold out on Amazon.co.jp and Yodobashi Camera.
It's like a PS5 and an Xbox SX, and the resale price is more than double the retail price.
However, the "Renewal!" sign on the signboard suggests that there may be a surprise announcement at the event!

The event will be held on Saturday, September 25 at 7:30 p.m. on Twitch! And two female DJs will talk!

The streaming will start at 19:30 on Saturday, September 25, and the first half hour will be a talk time between the two in a dialogue style!
The first half hour will be a talk session between the two in a conversational style, and the fact that there will be a "DAIYAME" means that you may be able to see them drinking...?
So keep your plans open on Saturday, September 25 at 7:30 p.m. and join us for "RECOILR - LV4-"! Join the event on Twitch(https://www.twitch.tv/algazodik)!


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Game audio production company "AZSTOKE" announces support for artist activities! There are also special delivery events using Unreal Engine!
Game audio production company "AZSTOKE" announces support for artist activities!...

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