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Tohoku's largest esports tournament! "AKITA GAMING eNCOUNT" will be held on Saturday, December 21 and Sunday, December 22!

東北最大級eスポーツ大会!「AKITA GAMING eNCOUNT(秋田ゲーミイングエンカウント)」が12月21日(土)22日(日)に開催!

Akita eSports Association, the governing body of eSports in Akita Prefecture, will hold one of the largest eSports tournaments in Tohoku, "AKITA GAMING eNCOUNT" on December 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun).



"AKITA GAMING ENCOUNT" is AGe for short.

AGe is an e-sports festival that transcends gaming genres, bringing popular titles such as fighting games, FPS, MOBA, music games, arcade games, and BYOCs to Akita, transcending boundaries.

In addition to the main e-sports tournament, there will be various events and booths such as social gatherings, stage events by popular streamers and professional gamers, and more.

Since the theme of the game is "Circle" that spreads through games, we believe that each and every player can play a leading role in the game.
We believe that if each and every one of you can play a leading role, respect your favorite titles, and make the best of them, it will lead to a better future for the Tohoku region.
Let's expand the circle of exchange from Akita to all over Tohoku!


AGe Stage Events

Various stage events will be held at AGe. The currently announced events are as follows.

DAY1 12.21 sat 10:00~.

Akida esports conference vol.1

  • Announcement of the launch of Tohoku eSports Council
  • Panel Session
    "The Future of Local Regions as Considered by a Nationally Active Worker"
  • One Team Tohoku 3 on 3
    Exhibition Match

DAY1 12.21 sat 13:00-

マゴ選手 vs. MOV選手
Street Fighter VAE Exhibition Match

Street Fighter VAE Exhibition Match
A grueling showdown between Mago vs. MOV will be held.

DAY1 12.21 sat 15:00-

Play PUBG with special guests (Coming soon...)

DAY1 12.21 sat 18:00~

League of Legends Show Match

League of Legends with Stammi &Jasper

A League of Legends show match by popular streamers, an event where you can meet popular streamers while sharing the fun of League of Legends.

AGe Tournament Tournament

AGe Tournament

Also, "Taiko Drum Master Nintendo Switch Bajyon! Street Fighter V Arcade Edition" and "League of Legends 1-on-1" tournaments.

Taiko Drum Master Nintendo Switch Bajon! Elementary School Donkatsu King Tournament!

For elementary school students and younger children, "Taiko Drum Master: Nintendo Switch Bajon! The King of Donkatsu Tournament for elementary school students and younger! The official regional qualifying rounds for the national competition will be held for elementary school students and younger.

Taiko Drum Master: Nintendo Switch BAJONG! Elementary School Donkatsu King Tournament! Tournament Outline
Tournament Schedule 2019/12/22 (Sun) 11:00am
2019/12/22 (Sun) 17:00
Meeting time for tournament participants Sunday, December 22, 2019, 10:30 a.m.
Entry Period 2019/10/16 (Wed) 00:00
Sun, 12/22/2019 11:00am
Venue Akita Base Development Center Alve (in "eSports Festival "AGe"")
Participation format Individual
Maximum number of entries No limit

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition tournament will be held in a double elimination BO3 (2 matches) format.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Tournament Tournament Outline
Tournament Schedule Saturday, December 21, 14:30-20:00: Start of the tournament - Top 8 determined
December 22 (Sun.) 13:30 - 16:00: TOP 8 - Grand Final
Location Competition Start - TOP 8: ALVE 1F Kirameki Plaza
TOP8 - Grand Final: ALVE 2F Multipurpose Hall
Registration Time Saturday, December 21, 13:30-14:20
Please make your entry at the tournament reception desk during the above time.

League of Legends 1on1

The AGe2019 League of Legends 1on1 tournament will be held.


Those who wish to bring their favorite games to play can register in advance for the BYOC area and enjoy the games in the designated space in the venue.


Event Name AGe (AKITA GAMING eNCOUNT) Akita Gaming Encount
Dates December 21 (Sat.) and 22 (Sun.), 2019 10:00-19:00
Venue Location Akita Base Center ALVE Kirameki Plaza/Multipurpose Hall
4-1 Higashidori Nakamachi, Akita City, Akita Prefecture, 010-8506, Japan
Admission Fee Free of charge
Organizer AGe Executive Committee
Supported by Akita Prefecture / Akita City
Cooperation (Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc. / Aomori eSports Association / Iwate eSports Association / Yamagata eSports Union / Sendai eSports Association / Fukushima eSports Association

AGe is constantly announcing additional information, so be sure to check the official AGe website and AGe's official Twitter account.


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