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RIOT GAMES × RAGE's VALORANT International Tournament will be held in Iceland!

RIOT GAMES × RAGEの「VALORANT」国際大会をアイスランドで開催決定!

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"League of Legends" when hearing a common name "LoL", it's the game which represents the world with even the person's with whom a e sport isn't conversant hearing, isn't it? RIOT GAMES which offers "LoL" is dealing with the very popular title such as "TEAMFIGHT TACTICS" "LEAGUE OF LEGENDS WILD RIFT" as well as "LoL" "LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA", so the attention title which is also most at the inside will be FPS "VALORANT" in first RIOT GAMES which has begun to give the service from June, 2020.
When starting servicing, even funglr Gmaes reported a review, but an update can also be done and play comfortably one after another at any time after a while. Such international meeting with "VALORANT" "2021 VALORANT Champions Tour - Masters Stage2" was an announcement to be held!

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58219RIOT GAMES × RAGEの「VALORANT」国際大会をアイスランドで開催決定!
Total prize money of 5 million yen! "RAGE GBVS 2021 Summer" details announced!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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